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Тяга Вальдшнепов - No Artist - Голоса Птиц В Природе (Vinyl, LP) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

by Tygorg

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Голоса Птиц В Природе on Discogs. Label: Melodija (2) - 33Д,Melodija (2) - 33Д • Series: Голоса Птиц В Природе - III Серия • Format: Vinyl LP, No Artist: Голоса Птиц В Природе = Voices Of Birds In The Nature ‎ (5x10", Mono, RP + Box) Мелодия, Мелодия, Мелодия, Мелодия, Мелодия: Д , Д , Д , Д , Д USSR: Sell This Version. No Artist: Голоса Птиц В Природе = Voices Of Birds In The Nature ‎ (5x10", Mono + Box) Мелодия, Мелодия, Мелодия, Мелодия, Мелодия: 33Д—28, 33Д—52, 33Д—56, 33Д—68, USSR: Unknown: Sell This Version.

It was necessary to seek an alliance with these god-warriors against the Aztecs. My joy shall be in the Lord; As for sinners, They shall be consumed out of the earth And the ungodly shall come to an end. But praise ye the Lord, O my soul, praise the Lord. SCENE 3. Unexpectedly, I was chosen, with four other virgins — all daughters of chieftains — as part LP) a war strategy disguised as hospitality.

This sudden decision will completely Тяга Вальдшнепов - No Artist - Голоса Птиц В Природе (Vinyl the plans that destiny had laid out for me. We became aware of the foreigners when they attacked in the area of Tabasco, defeating those who governed there.

A subtle strategy. Under no circumstances should I forget the purpose of the mission entrusted to me: to conquer him slowly, to get to know him very well, and to pass information to my father, the Great Chief Xicotenga.

When the Captain General took me from the hand of my father and I felt his celestial contact, my heart was frightened. It was for them a solemn and meaningful act. Mine is a strange destiny. But it was the most handsome of his men, the one they call Tonatiuh — son of the Sun — one of the strongest and bravest, who took me by the hand! I have agreed to convert to Catholicism, to enter its heaven and not that of my elders, to renounce my beliefs and customs, and learn the new name when my original one is much prettier.

Secretly, deep inside, I smiled to myself: the cruelest and most astute of the enemy warriors was in my hands I passed my hands smoothly over the rest of his body; what did it matter now whether he was divine or human!

Chorus Text: Joel —17 Blow up the trumpet in Sion, Sanctify a fast, gather the people, And sanctify the congregation, LP). Assemble the elders, Gather the children and those that suck the breasts. Let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, And the bride out of her closet. Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, Weep between the porch and the altar, And let them say: spare thy people, O Lord.

And give not thine heritage to reproach, That the heathen should rule over them. Wherefore should they say among the people: Where is their God? SCENE 4. He is wise.

He is in front of me, like a fruit without its peel, a tree without bark or a plucked bird. I gave him a massage with my hands. I continued passing it over his white body and his sun-reddened arms, as a slave would to her master Little by little he became submissive.

He obeyed me when I indicated for him to lie such and such a. I rubbed him with the sponge. Without realizing it, he breathed the incense and started to feel good, calm, comfortable. He was a god. My god! When he stood up again, he seemed so tall to me, that I motioned for him to get down on his knees to that I could reach his face. It pleased me to have him on his knees. I caressed his beautiful face that always seemed to smile when he was riding his beast.

I spoke and sang to him in my language, wooing him. He seemed so childlike! I was swelling with it. After all, how could I not feel anything for him? So far from his own world. How could I not woo him, or sing for him the beautiful songs of our poets?

What magic has victorious love! For all I touch or see Since that dear Kiss, I hourly prove, all is love to me. I hate to see fond tongues advance high as the Gods the slaves of chance. Conscious of the importance of my actions, I knew, I understood — in spite of my youth Тяга Вальдшнепов - No Artist - Голоса Птиц В Природе (Vinyl what that meant: its transcendence. Thus seduced I repeated my surrender. Loving him, shaking like the earth beneath us. Like an open furrow. Like the water of the lagoon moved by the friction of the wind on its surface.

Impregnating myself with him and he with me. Quivering, I shook each time Live a dove, like a female in heat. It did not matter to me now His seduction. Beyond any human sensation, it seemed to me that our joy, our ardor, was divine. The product of the intercourse of beings, who like gods, transported themselves to the celestial world There where the gods make love to mortals and are loved by them. Because he was a god. In those moments I had no doubts at all In my heart, in secret, I prayed that he would never leave and that he would procreate in me.

How fortunate I was to have been chosen for something so transcendental: the fusion of two races, that of the gods who had come from the other side of the sea and ours.

May he know me from the perspective of love, and may he stay forever conquered; may his very being change. Slowly, sweetly, in a dance. SCENE 5. We would go to live, like any couple, by the crystalline waters of a river, in a house of white stones adorned with red decorations; we would plant maize, and I would weave the cloth for our clothing which I would decorate with feathers!

He was no longer a stranger to me No one had seen physical strength as exceptional as his; nothing like it was known among us. He seemed to have boundless energy, both in combat and in bed. Yes, he seemed to possess inside him the force of the immense sea he had crossed. I was hopelessly in love with the one all had begun to hate. Maybe I myself had begun to hate him too. But I loved him. I loved the man to whom I had been given, the one whom, I discovered, was in no way a god.

It was in Cholula; he carried me like a hostage with the whole entourage, my relatives and servants. Yes, he even used me as a hostage, so that my father would not change his mind and attack.

Everyone spoke of his feats Let them remain silent in my presence! Had I power to scorn as he to despise, I might at once be inconstant and wise, Then tell me, oh! I wanted to change him Yes, I was already changing him. I wooed him and let him suckle my breast so that he would believe he never left his homeland and was safe in the arms of his mother, full and content — in need of nothing, especially not gold. We had always been together and happy; we were of the same race.

All of sudden he would get up and stand erect, interrupting my dreams. And he went back to his battles, or he took me with unusual, unexpected force. My brothers forcefully urged me to do so. No matter what I tried, I could not bring about any change in him. SCENE 7. The Indians were armed with bows and arrows, slings and rocks. Chief Tecum defended himself and refused to surrender. They fought for three hours, and the Spaniards killed many Indians, countless numbers of them perished, and not a single Spaniard was killed.

Wings also sprouted from his body. And he was wearing three crowns: one of pearls and the others of diamonds and emeralds. Chief Tecum returned and tried to kill Tonatiuh, who was on horseback. Trying to kill Tonatiuh he struck and decapitated his horse with his lance. Tecum did this. Then the Lieutenant waited for him with his lance, and he passed it right through Tecum.

And then the Lieutenant called his soldiers to come and see the beauty of the Quetzal Indian. Тяга Вальдшнепов - No Artist - Голоса Птиц В Природе (Vinyl the Lieutenant told his soldiers that he had never seen another Indian as gallant and regal, and as full of Quetzal feathers. They were more beautiful than any he had seen in Mexico or in Tlaxcala, or in any of the areas he had conquered. From that time on that place was called Quetzaltenango. They caught up with them and killed them; not a single one of them survived.

The number of Indians killed was so great that their blood formed a river that became the Olintepeque. Spare thy people whom thou has redeemed with thy most precious blood, And be not angry with us for ever.

Spare us, good Lord. Don Pedro had already forgotten who I was: a princess to give orders, not to obey them.

I was born to be served, not to serve him. I was not born to submit to all his orders, caprices and interminable expeditions His face was no longer happy, but arrogant and cruel. His arms, which when he desired could be so loving, slashed with a wrathful sword in one simple blow the members of those of my race who rebelled. He severed bodies with ease, or ordered that they be taken as slaves and branded on their cheeks with a white-hot royal iron.

His ears were deaf to any clamor for clemency from the conquered. His eyes were blinded; he saw neither child nor pregnant woman. Bowels of pity, hear! Lord of my soul, love of my mind, Bow down thine ear! Let not thy wind Scatter my words, and in the same Thy name. Look on my sorrows round! Mark well my furnace! What griefs, what shames! Consider, Lord; Lord, bow thine ear And hear!

Lord Jesu, thou didst bow Thy dying head upon the tree; O be not now More dead to me! Lord, hear! My love, my sweetness, hear! By these thy feet, at which my heart Lies all the year, Pluck out thy dart, And heal my troubled breast, which cries, Which dies.

Someone from the other side of the sea. I sensed implicitly a kind of threat to my life, for anything that might displease him. He might leave me or have me excommunicated, what did I know? I became a silent, submissive, fearful woman. My conversion into the most faithful, pious and fervent of Christians was also to no avail, although I strictly followed all of the rites and prayers of the Catholic faith What did it matter to him, for us to kneel down for the sacramental blessing that I so longed for!

I was to be a concubine forever! And it was for that very reason — for not being married to him — that he began to despise me, to disdain me every day; in spite of my having given him a daughter, whom he adored.

He took my daughter from me. Her love. I found out from letters he wrote to Spain that he was scheming, negotiating a wedding with a very noble woman from the Spanish Court. He went to Spain A woman so beautiful, so white — they said — that the Court painters could use her as a model for their paintings of the Holy Virgin.

I started to inquire whether he would bring her to these lands. What would be my role then? He forced me to seek once again the help of my gods, the ones that I had almost forgotten. I began to pray in secret to Coatlique, in her different forms, so that she would prevent all of this from happening. She had been my Mother Goddess. All must submit to their appointed doom, fate and misfortune will too quickly come.

I was his little girl. At our campsites, in the light of the lanterns, he would sit me on his knees and teach me prayers. The encampments were full of hundreds of birds and doves that had been given LP) me as presents.

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No Artist ‎– Голоса Птиц В Природе = Voices Of Birds In The Nature. No Artist. ‎–. Голоса Птиц В Природе = Voices Of Birds In The Nature. Label: Мелодия ‎– 33Д—28, Мелодия ‎– 33Д—52, Мелодия ‎– 33Д—56, Мелодия ‎– 33Д—68, Мелодия ‎– 33Д— Series. В длину достигает см, вес от до грамм. Обитает преимущественно в смешанных или лиственных лесах, с обилием кустарникового подроста и старых вырубок или полян, часто влажных и. Apr 14,  · Фотографии и звуки птиц взяты из интернета,на авторские права не претендую. Здесь собраны, голоса птиц.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Голоса Птиц В Природе on Discogs. Label: Мелодия - Д—,Мелодия - Д—,Мелодия - 33Д—,Мелодия - 33Д— • Series: Голоса Птиц В Природе - 1/2/3/4 • Format: 4x, Vinyl LP 5/5(4).

Сунул в кружку палец, а там лед, который никак не удается продавить с первого раза. А происходило это 20 июня. Естественно, попадая в такие аномальные условия, охотничьи птицы часто ведут себя. Иванов* Бронепоезд (Сцена В Фанзе) / A5 No Artist Голоса Птиц / A6 Чайковский* Лебединое Озеро (Финал I Действия) / B1 Прокофьев* Классическая Симфония. 4-я Часть / B2 Чайковский* Пиковая Дама (Сцена В.

Когда мы знакомимся с каким-нибудь человеком, мы первым делом узнаем, как его зовут. У каждого из нас есть имя. Есть имена - названия - и у всего того, что окружает нас в природе.

Jan 30,  · Голоса птиц в природе (1) Голубой огонёк (8) Голубые береты (17) Голубые гитары (27) Голубые Ритмы (1) Голый ПистАлет (1) Голый Повар (1) Горизонт (5) Город (1) Город (2) Горячий асфальт (1). Голоса птиц в природеутро в лесу,The song of birds. года, с тех пор никто не сделал лучшие записи для изучения голосов птиц. Голоса птиц. Ранняя весна. Город остался где-то далеко-далеко.

Ты тоже / Вы тоже / Na wewe / You too () (с русскими субтитрами) Ай Вейвей: Никогда не извиняйся () Трейлер.


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  3. В длину достигает см, вес от до грамм. Обитает преимущественно в смешанных или лиственных лесах, с обилием кустарникового подроста и старых вырубок или полян, часто влажных и.
  4. No Artist: Голоса Птиц В Природе = Voices Of Birds In The Nature ‎ (5x10", Mono, RP + Box) Мелодия, Мелодия, Мелодия, Мелодия, Мелодия: Д , Д , Д , Д , Д USSR: Sell This Version.
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  6. Голоса птиц в природеутро в лесу,The song of birds. года, с тех пор никто не сделал лучшие записи для изучения голосов птиц. Голоса птиц. Ранняя весна. Город остался где-то далеко-далеко.
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