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by Kikazahn

Jun 05,  · Marwan Mahfouz - Mijana w Ataba - مروان محفوظ - عتابا وميجانا. وغني عتابا وميجانا وسامر فيها (Mawwal) the first part of the video, it's not included in your translationI swear the letters of my homeland's name is as beautiful as a necklace on a woman's chest. P: Symbolizes our beloved Palestine, O Arabs how precious is the homeland. A ataaba (em árabe: عتابا) é uma forma musical árabe tradicional cantada em casamentos ou festivais e, às vezes, também por pessoas no trabalho. [1] Popular no Líbano, Egito, Síria, Palestina e Jordânia, era originalmente um gênero beduíno, improvisado por um cantor de poetas solo que se acompanhava no rababa. [2] Como parte da tradição da música tradicional .

While there are four lines of verse in an ataaba, these are usually sung as two musical phrases. These phrases are often a melodic curve beginning on the fourth or fifth, عتابا = Mawwal, descending to the cadence and ending on the supertonic or tonic.

The ataaba is one of many Palestinian folk music traditions that continues to be performed at weddings and festivals in Arab localities in Israelas well as by Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from 'Ataba. Archived from the original on 12 October Retrieved Culture of Resistance. May 14, What is the means? The main character of this novel is nicknamed "Si El Sayed," which means something like Mr.

Master, which stressed his dominant and male chauvinist nature that Mahfouz displays as a typical old Egyptian, and by extension, Arabic backward male behavior.

Si El Sayed is cruel to his wife and family in the home where he acts as a king while maintaining a different public image. If you know anything about how male lions act, then you understand the idea of Si El Sayed. As a result, Si El Sayed has become synonymous with something that might be described as "Oriental misogyny. Thus, when Nancy says "Oh Si El Sayed," she is saying that her man is a cruel and controlling tyrant. However, it seems to me that Nancy is reinforcing her lover's Si El Sayed mentality in her infatuation and proving that playing hard to get really does work, or that girls like assholes, or however you want to phrase it.

And why are you resisting me, my master? Why is your heart so stubborn? And why are you tiring me with you love? This love is the master and we are the property of its hands You must wanna drive me crazy Or you think love is like this You're tiring me out When is my heart gonna settle for this?

Day and night, I'm all confused about your love Hey Mr. Get away from me Try to understand the past is over Forget it We're through, what brought you here again?

Put your mind at ease and forget me I don't want you anymore You say "you were once in love with me" Quite frankly, I don't remember you anymore meaning she no longer loves him So what are you talking about? We're through, you've missed you chance Go ahead and dream if you want What do you want me to do for you? Oh god, you're begging me And you're dreaming of me Why?? No, calm down a little This is your imagination running wild Don't let it even cross your mind that I might be returning to you Look at yourself Your talk will do no good You are the one who started this separation So it's normal that I am being cruel to you now It's all nothing to me My eyes see عتابا = Mawwal and don't miss you.

The Best of Azar Habib Podcast. Label: Azar HabibLebanesePodcast. Label: ArabicAzar HabibLebanese. So the context of the song is they are dancing around to a debke song, ie folk music, called the "dayer-dayer". This form of dance you dance in a big circle holding hands. In this case, they are distributed in a boy-girl configuration, and he finds himself surrounded by two beautiful girl, and now he has to choose, although he seems to be contemplating the idea of just taking both of them in the last verse.

Azar Habib - Going round to the "dayer-dayer" We're going round to the "dayer-dayer" And there's too many pretty girls around me This brunette has beautiful eyes And the blonde is getting jealous Who should I pick?

I can't decide The way the blonde moves is gonna drive me out of my mind If I'm gone for a minute she misses me no عتابا = Mawwal how long the trip Damn she's nice, she's so jealous Who should I pick? I can't decide This brunette with such dark beautiful lashes Where did this magic come from cuz she's encanting him I gave her my heart by the well when we were little kids And now that we've grown up who should I pick?

I can't decide Oh Lord, give me two hearts and two worlds and let me go back and forth between them I can't choose on my own My whole youth is going to go by literally, "the flowers of my life will wilt" and he says this because he is spending so long confused and undecided Who should I pick?

Azar Habib - Mr. This hasn't been uncommon theme in the folk music of the Middle East, that is, songs about asking a doctor or in this case a pharmacist for a cure from the disease of love.

Popular culture says that in Arabic, unlike other languages as it is claimed, love is a sickness. Pharmacist Mr. Pharmacist, oh pharmacist Oh pharmacist I need a cure for her and I need a cure for me Her heart is becoming a flame And my heart is boiling It's boiling, it's boiling Hurry Mr. Pharmacist It's boiling, it's boiling My heart, Mr.

This song takes up the topic of not being to marry a girl because you have no money and hence going away to work in the Gulf for a few years to save money to buy her a house and win her hand from her family. The song is sung in a sort of Gulf dialect, عتابا = Mawwal the first like "shiki shiki baba" doesn't really seem to mean anything, but it's just something that sounds "Gulfy" especially to a Lebanese audience I guess. Here pearl drop is code word for a teardrop I would think.

The Best of Ali Al Aisawi. This style of sung poetry is called a mawal. Sorry I don't have words for the mumbling poetry interspersed in this song. I got thse lyrics from a Russian lyrics site but I'm not sure they are all correct. I did my best to correct them, but Natacha's accent is absoultely impenetrable sometimes.

Natacha Atlas - A Knight A handsome knight snatched me up onto his horse And took me with him to an island with ferocious monsters And quickly he drew his sword with knightly courage I found the beasts of the city torn to shreds all over the place You me forever A handsome knight He came to me He approached me, carrying pile of wood I told him, "in the city there are many unhappy people.

The monsters in our city are hidden in our clothing. And everything is written meaning everything is up to fate " Everything is written. Lyrics transcription from here. Label: ArabicFouad GhaziSyrian.

Linguistically this song is pretty simple but it might need a lot of cultural explanation for the Western audience. Watching the video will also help you to arrive at the meaning. For many in this region and the Arab world as a whole, marriage is arranged in a different fashion than is common in the West. Typically the groom asks for a girl's hand from her family, not directly from her, and often in the end an engagement is negotiated between two families on behalf of the children who may or may not know each other.

The premise of the song is that some people have come to ask for a girl Nora's hand in marriage. Typically at this occasion there is some agreement made about what the bride will receive in terms of independent money, gifts, various conditions etc, and these conditions are usually set by the father and negotiated.

These are an extremely part of a marriage agreement in Shari3a, Muslim law, because she will likely have no other way to obtain her own property and in the event of divorce this عتابا = Mawwal especially bad because the law does not guarantee that she will receive money from her husband.

Anyway, Nora's father agrees to the engagement, on four conditions for the wedding as stated: a ride in a Mercedes that has never been ridden in on their wedding day, 1 kilo earrings made of gold, a honeymoon in Damascus and Paris, and a wedding dress made in London. Of course these are outlandish requests, especially between people of this region who live a rural life generally on a few hundred dollars a year.

Therefore, we can say that the song is a facetious, light-hearted song intended for dancing at parties such as engagement parties etc. Since then, he has developed a cult following in the Europe and the United States, appreciated for the energy and originality of his songs which are unlike anything ever heard in the West.

Updated media and translation. Wahrane is the Arabic name for the city known in English of Oran on the coast of Algeria. It was the birthplace of Rai, however, when an Islamist party took power in Algeria during the mid 90s many of the musicians left the country because the government became hostile towards them. However, I don't have the lyrics for these extra verse nor do I understand them. This version is comprised of just one verse of a much longer Iraqi folk song, and it's not even the first verse, so a lot of the context is lost I think.

Updated music and translation Ok so I learned something new from this song. Here's the wikipedia link. Needless to say the title sounds a bit more natural and beautiful in Arabic, especially because the word rhymes with other words in the song. Fairuz - I Beg You Bee Eater I beg you oh عتابا = Mawwal eater bird You are journeying in their direction Say hi to my loved ones for me And tell me how they are and what happened On the hills of the forgoteen sun On the leaf of the yellow sycamore We fly and soar higher little by little While the world becomes smaller And with the fig orchards October calls, my darling So often with the silence of the turtle doves I hear your voice call me My night and my fear is that some night my family will wail Secrets tire me and secrets sadden me, my darling.

Label: ArabicFairuzLebaneseUpdated. Updated media and translation This song was obviously made during the Latin music craze that brought us Ricky Martin. Nawal's videos tend to emulate whatever is en vogue in pop like that. So long as I'm with you my heart will be full of joy And my eyes Even if you're far will see you I swear to God I loved you at first sight Reassure me, be with me You are the most beautiful story Our love is without end Cmon, let's forget that which has past together.

عتابا ساحلية يخرب بيتك يا وطفى 😅 من الذاكرة السورية الجميلة القديمة 😍 ثائر العلي 😘💜🎤🎶💙 · , Views. عتابا نار اكشن من عرس الفنان ايمن السبعاوي مع الفنان نزار الحداد شفيق كبها موال Palestinian Original Mawwal 26 ‫شفيق كبها - موال - محكوم وسنة‬‎. أقوى عتابا سورية - أبو جعفر - جبال العلويين - سوريا.

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May 18,  · عتاب اليوم سيكون لنا ملتقى خاص بنا كاعضاء مساهمين في هذه المجله هنا سنكون باحرفنا همساتنا ارواحنا كلمه عتآآآآاب بكل مصداقيه و شفافيه سناتي لنبعثر علامات استفهام، اسئله تتجول في دواخلنا بلا جواب ،. Apr 13,  · Mawwal Ahmed Abdul Qadir al-Musili Baidaphon 78rpm recording () Iraqi Maqam performer Ahmed Abdul Qadir ، الوجه الثاني فرحت بلمة احبابي (عتابا) ١١-يا من جينك (شرقي نوى) ١٢-جسد ناحل (عجم عشيران) ١٣-قوم بنيران فراقهم (عريبوني)، الوجه.

ifsc-1/19ts ةحصلا ةمظنمو ةعارزلاو ةيذغلأا ةمظنم نيب كرتشملا ةيذغلأا ةملاس نع لولأا يلودلا رمتؤملا.

مطعم عتابا السياحي - جبل عمان مطعم قمر لبنان - الفحيص سهرة ليلة راس السنة مطعم اب تاون كافيه الاردن يحييها الفنان سعد ابو تايه. Arapca Atebe Yuma Vacidir Ellifur şarkıları indir, mobil indir, telefona indir, cep telefonuna indir, telefona yükle, android indir.

تحميل عتابا ( m.b) موقع اغاني نغم العرب موقع موسيقى رائد في الوطن العربي حيث يمكنك تنزيل اغاني من جميع الدول العربية رابط تحميل اغاني لكل الدول العربية اغاني مصريه, اغاني سعوديه, اغاني.


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  1. Bahwa Oyounek - Mijana Wa Ataba بهوى عيونك - ميجانا و عتابا [] Al Maktoub المكتوب [] Ishta'na Ya Hilu اشتقنا يا حلو. ♪ ♪ Download From Here. [ Mo] ♪ ♪.
  2. And let the lily shout to her a mawwal (song) from its heart While the sparrow sings it and translates what it said In order to maximize space, this podcast presents recent debke and itaba (عتابا) in one long mix that serves as one continuous performance. The songs in this mix all represent music of the Syrian coast with a very broad.
  3. عتابا ساحلية يخرب بيتك يا وطفى 😅 من الذاكرة السورية الجميلة القديمة 😍 ثائر العلي 😘💜🎤🎶💙 · , Views.
  4. أقوى عتابا سورية - أبو جعفر - جبال العلويين - سوريا.
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  6. Jun 05,  · Marwan Mahfouz - Mijana w Ataba - مروان محفوظ - عتابا وميجانا.
  7. The ataaba (Arabic: عتابا ‎, meaning "plaint" or "dirge", also transliterated 'ataba) is a traditional Arabic musical form sung at weddings or festivals, and sometimes also by people at work. Popular in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and Jordan, it was originally a Bedouin genre, improvised by a solo poet-singer accompanying himself on the rababa.
  8. A list of all restaurants in Jordan and UAE. الصفحة الرئيسية لموقع بلس اف دي الأردن; الصفحة الرئيسية لموقع بلس اف دي الامارات العربية المتحدة.