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Pussyfoot - Ratbag (2) - Live (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

by Vudolabar

This is the company behind the label Pussyfoot Records, run by Howie B and Nick Young. It was reactivated in Pussyfoot ‎– PUSSY CDLP Format: 2 × CD, Compilation4/5(34). Pussyfoot Records Ltd ‎– PUSSY LP Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation/5(36).

Would love more She literally wants to dump shit on other people. Pushing the problem away is not a solution. Every time I come to Wellington the first thing I do is pick up a copy of Capital. I always enjoy it from start to finish. Although for some reason I often start at the back, speaking of which your sunburn comic really tickled me!

I spent a little while admiring a stunning portrait of a flapper girl before realising it was an ad for a hair salon! Thank you. Mahlia, Sweden. Favourite tattoo and why? The matching tigers. I think the symmetry works really nicely with the placement on my body.

After ten years, the Underground Market beneath Frank Kitts Park, see Cap 66 is shutting up shop because their underground carpark location is earthquake prone. The owners are proud of the way it has been a springboard for many Wellington businesses. No news yet of a new location, but owner Helena Tobin has been spotted scooting around the city in search of a new home.

The final Underground Market day is Saturday 14 March. Why did you choose the design? What led you to getting a tattoo? Art or rebellion? They serve as a reminder of the period in my life, which is an art in its own way. Across 1. Kumara 2. Beehive 3. Wairarapa 4. Toot 5. Redrocks 6. Ferry 7. Martinborough 8. Peninsula 9. Family — for it or against? Kaukau Karori Barbecue Down 1.

Morepork 2. Cuba 3. Tuatara 4. Weta 5. Mansfield 6. Manage your period the sustainable way. Available in four styles from Commonsense Organics or order online at danunatural. I g ot yo u b a b e Nature Baby is coming to Wellington. Their new store will provide a haven of calm, offering their full range of organic clothing and natural products for baby, newborn to four years. But native fish populations have been damaged by pest fish such as perch, rudd, and brown trout.

Hutt Valley and Wairarapa patients will be able to receive their dialysis treatment closer to home once a new outpatient unit opens at the Hutt Valley Health Hub in Lower Hutt. The new satellite dialysis unit is expected to open in July. Dr Munro will research justice reform through police learning and development at the University of North Carolina.

Dr Sika-Paotonu will continue her research on rheumatic fever and heart disease at Harvard University and the University of Oklahoma. Consultation is open until 31 March. The community was asked to provide feedback on the public share escooter schemes that have been operating in the city. A report on the responses will be presented to help councilors decide if electric scooters should operate full time in Wellington.

A decision will be made in early April. He is transport spokesperson for the party. Hutt City Council proposes a substantial upgrade for water infrastructure, including water supply, wastewater, and stormwater systems. Nothing amplifies that like working with professionals that share the same values and goals. International Film Festival over films from around the world.

People take time off work for this midyear cinema-fest. A person has a problem, either a visual one or an eye disease one, and you need to solve that problem. My biggest influence was the brilliant Pierre Meyer — after Pierre closed his restaurant and started his cooking school out of his house in Khandallah I was a regular attendee. A message to our local politicians: stop looking at the problems and get on with it — the iconic town hall has been closed for seven years!

The St James for five years! What makes eyes so appealing? You have to have a position in the marketplace that you are comfortable with in terms of the provision of eye care and you need to embrace technology where there is huge choice. Online eye exams are just around the corner! Of the 51 artists chosen for the exhibition, 11 are from the Wellington region. Among them is Meredith Marsone whose studio mate Gina Kiel is the subject of her portrait Gina and the dragon.

The seven pendants are made of Meccano-style steel pieces fabricated by Bliss and put together to create a family that plays with gender stereotypes — for example the boy is pink and the girl is blue. Save thousands on our demonstrator and pre-owned vehicles for the end of financial year. Visit our website www. Sale ends March 31st. The trust is also responsible for Quasi atop City Gallery, and is currently fundraising for the installation of Fibre-Optic Colonnade Car Wash, a kinetic light sculpture that looks like an automatic tunnel car wash.

Now a community leader, educator, mother, and artist, Lema makes embroidered art works depicting the ongoing conflict in the Congo. Figures are shown attempting to cross the border, and metallic forms represent conflict over minerals, but her work also includes symbols of hope. Originally written for harpsichord, the Goldberg Variations — an ornamented aria followed by 30 intricate variations — was an artistic triumph for J S Bach and a lesson in what could be played on a keyboard.

The critically acclaimed Wellington musician brings together music, theatre, design, lighting, and costume for Into the Belly of Capricorn — a live music event specially curated for the Festival of the Arts on 14 March.

New Zealand Arts Icon photographer Ans Westra is responsible for the most comprehensive documentation of New Zealand culture over the last 60 years. Prints are available for sale. Using 5 and 15 minute scenes students portray personalities replicated in Shakespeare's plays with those of today, parallel social, political and religious issues and power-struggles.

Shakespeare is very current! An outstanding exhibition celebrating our whakapapa, history and the power of New Zealanders who came together to win women the right to vote. Hailing from India and NZ, Pangaea performs a fusion of Indian and Western musical styles, blending classical instruments with modern songs.

Their live shows are always mesmerising and captivating for the audience and will make the body move! Doors Pussyfoot - Ratbag (2) - Live (Cassette) from 8pm. Tours daily. See our website for our winter hours. Anna Peschke Berlin works as a theatre director and visual artist worldwide. Her work creates new forms of expression connecting performance, installation, and music. In NZ Anna will realise an interdisciplinary and collaborative performance-project. Watch out for events in the Wairarapa and Wellington.

Gerry, a musician all his life, strums his banjo, and his brothers Eddie, Steve, and Conor bring out their instruments. Alice laughs that the brothers are so competitive about their catches. Can you measure it? Born in Dublin, Gerry is the only one of the Paul brothers who has made a career in music: Eddie is a tiler and lawyer, Steve is a civil engineer, and Conor is a marine biologist and teacher.

Music brings the tight-knit family together, along with a desire to maintain a connection with their Irish culture from almost 20, kilometres away. She grew up in County Monaghan singing Irish ballads with her family. Moving here with Brendan and her sons inshe suffered from culture shock. To help ease her homesickness, and to keep her home culture alive, the family joined the Lower Hutt Irish Society.

Being away from your home and your culture is so hard. Your heart is always in your homeland. Someone described it once as like walking with a pebble in your shoes. The sparky former Aer Lingus flight attendant helps run a weekly Irish show on Access Radio, fronting it or scheduling other Irish presenters. She also teaches a group of children to sing at the Irish Society each week. For her 60th birthday, Gerry and Alice made an album together. Gerry and Eddie started playing the. At the age of 12, he formed his first band with four Irish friends.

Back then Irish music and musicans were little known in New Zealand. I also think it is natural for immigrants and diaspora to hold onto and preserve their culture very carefully — maybe Irish culture was more of a priority for us growing up in Aotearoa than it would have been if we had grown up in Dublin. The Paul brothers never went to bed until the guests left, a practice Alice brought from Ireland, where children mix with adults all the time.

Over the years, the Wellington community has changed around them, as the city has welcomed more immigrants. Alice and Brendan have a South African family nearby, and have befriended Spanish neighbours. She loves the way new cultures are bringing their music here, something Gerry is embracing in programming Cuba Dupa.

As does his mother, who welcomes visiting artists with open arms. I think the world stops if you stop welcoming people and stop being nice to people. Thoughtfully designed and lovingly created in New Zealand to be easy care, easy wear and easy on the earth. Auckland Wellington Christchurch Wanaka untouchedworld. Even so, while she was home for a summer holiday last month she happily met Francesca Emms for a chat in a cafe. In fact, the first time I came across her, back inshe was performing All Ears, a participatory sound piece.

But dance is where it all began. Six-year-old Kate fell off a wall, hit her head, and suffered a concussion. But the next week it began to come together, and around the same time she began to recover from her concussion.

The end-of. The idea that you could create another world on stage, that you could make this kind of bubble of time where another reality was true — I found it deeply magical. Her work is multi-faceted and her roles include dancer, choreographer, writer, actor, artist, sound designer, musician, and director. So with each project I accumulate another thing that I'm a bit more experienced in.

The piece, Hullapolloi, was a collaboration. Hullapolloi explores these issues of consumerism and materialism and aims to put the human back into humanity. Kate and Deirdre are still in close contact.

The show was supposed to be a duet, she tells me. Deirdre remembers Kate joining her class all those years ago. Plenty of research has shown dance movement therapy benefits survivors of head injuries.

Country club A series of house parties became a Cuba Street nightclub, and this year steps out for the first time as Festival, a three-day music event. Melody Thomas speaks with founders Olly de Salis, 23, and Cameron Morris, 24, about their journey so far. A couple of friends fall in love with dance music and search for the underground raves and secret warehouse parties that foster exactly this vibe.

In clubs, old warehouses and middle-of-nowhere fields all around the country, stages were erected and massive subs wheeled in. As the sun went down, these spaces filled with mostly young people with a proclivity to dance in a pulsing throng of thousands.

There were lasers and black lights, glow sticks and fire poi. There was inevitably a thudding bass that seemed to reverberate in the very core of your soul. Alcohol took a back seat to substances that made you more likely to still be dancing Pussyfoot - Ratbag (2) - Live (Cassette) sun-up, to make a best friend in the line to the toilet, and cradle a tender jaw for a couple of days following.

De Salis was 18 years old, studying fine arts at university, when his parents set off to Europe for six months and, perhaps naively, left him in their house. De Salis did make friends, including his future business-partner Cameron Morris, whose band headlined one of the parties. They parted ways for a bit — Morris to Sydney to expand his musical horizons while De Salis kept up the parties in Wellington — but they continued to swap house beats, and eventually Morris moved home to officially get on board the train.

Then inTim Ward, San Francisco co-owner and soonto-be business partner, offered them a club space on Cuba Street, where Good Luck bar used to be. Soon after, Club was born. We had little support from the council. When it was revealed that the space needed earthquake strengthening, the team decided to cut their losses and move out.

The future of looks bright. This month, the inaugural multi-day Festival kicks off in Tauherenikau, near Featherston, and is on track to sell upwards of 4, tickets. Carterton Wed 4 March, 7. Harriet Palmer talked to three local leaders about their vision for the future. Helping those boys and showing them what it means to be a professional rugby player. Making it enjoyable. Coles announced he was going to be an All Black to his parents in their Paraparaumu home at the age of five.

He chased the dream until he made it in It took him 21 years. We want to do everything we can to win the championship. Even if it feels out of reach, you always need something to aim for.

He does it his way — with a sense of humour and an unswerving commitment to the team. With the team of young players, Coles is a grumpy old sage, a bit of a dad. We want these people to be good people. We want them to have a good work ethic, be respectful, and enjoy their footie. Fans who used to hang over sidelines for a. We have to put a lot of work into education. We know how it can affect people. He says he enjoys using it to talk to fans, to be a role model, and to advocate for charity.

Coles is hoping that earlier games will make a difference. They will mean more sleep for him, and his oldest Jax, 5, will be able to see him play. Coles says his kids are his hobby. He rates the Wellington outdoors, especially the walks and the diving.

The family live close to the beach in Lyall Bay, Pussyfoot - Ratbag (2) - Live (Cassette). This year he has asked to try soccer. As long as they are being active, doing something is all I really care about. Wife Sarah bought Coles a record player for his birthday 10 years ago and he hunts in record stores around the world.

He and Sarah play one a night from a collection that now numbers over He loves the retro sound, and the way vinyl means you listen to whole albums and discover songs. They also took him to rugby games at Athletic Park and the stadium. Coles has always been a supporter of the Hurricanes. The development will transform an existing building in Mt Cook, which backs onto the gardens of Government House.

If everything goes as planned, consents will be obtained and construction will begin in the second half of this year. Edridge wants to be walking through the door at the end of It will focus on three areas. It is looking at ways to work with commercial building developers to create more public housing. The social supermarket will mean people can choose their own food and have some help while they do it.

His third goal is to harness the energy and support of the Wellington community — through volunteering.

Which of course needs to be done, but we are not taking advantage of all the skills people have and the experience they bring. He wants to see a transformation in the way Wellington perceives people in need. Edridge thinks not. He loves the city. Before taking up the lead at the City Mission inEdridge had a long career. He started as an accountant in the power and gas industry, a far cry from social advocacy. He also served as a Deputy Secretary at the Ministry of Social Development, but left after taking the blame for a data bungle.

He says he was never really a good fit in Government. The move to the Mission feels good. Edridge is the first Missioner not to be an ordained Anglican priest, but he is a committed Christian. We have huge opportunities. He says Whakamaru will be a massive improvement for the Mission, and a manifestation of the way the City Mission needs to be. So, how do we support and facilitate the community to care for itself? The city just wants to see some progress. She is stepping into the role at a time everything seems to be going awry.

It was named by Lonely Planet as one of the best places to visit in the world. Such projects boosted the confidence of the private sector, which started splashing money on hotels, restaurants, and cafes. But Wellington is more complicated than New Plymouth. We moved from dull to colourful decades ago. Some progress is already on track.

This is going down well. McKerrow has been here three years, and this is her second stint in the capital. She and husband Barry came to Wellington as newlyweds in the s. But it surprised her. She says the people were open. They made friends and during years in Australia and New Plymouth, she remained fond of the place.

If I were to live in a city anywhere in New Zealand this would be my choice. She and Barry are out and about a lot, often with. Her mum and their two sons remain in New Plymouth, but regularly take up residence in her spare room not far from the Brooklyn Wind Turbine.

The family is very taken with the bird life: kaka frequently pass her deck and a karearea recently swooped over as the family was barbecuing. The important thing is that we work in a deliberate way and that we take opportunities. Experience the heart of Wellington hospitality in two of the most iconic and unique destinations.

Pack of eyes You are being watched. Do you care? And does it matter? More than public CCTV cameras, and probably many more private cameras, are in operation in Wellington. John Bishop talks to the people sitting behind them. Dodge into Dixon Street and there are another three cameras there; another three are up Cuba Street. The council owns the cameras and shares the pictures in a live stream with the police, where volunteers suitably vetted and trained monitor the screens for indications of possibly criminal behaviour or actions that place anyone at risk.

There are hundreds more cameras in business premises looking out onto the streets, and in alleyways and nooks immediately outside offices, shops, apartments and the like — all in the name of protecting property, by deterring and detecting offenders. If you loiter or linger, cuddle or canoodle, fall asleep or vomit in a doorway, chances are you will be seen and recorded.

By comparison Auckland had 5, cameras, of which 54 percent were operated by Auckland Transport. Her concern is that CCTV is part of a movement over many years — the encroachment of cameras and other forms of surveillance into all aspects of our lives.

Annabel Fordham, the Public Affairs Manager at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, herself a lawyer, explains that parties operating cameras are obliged to comply with the main principles of the Privacy Act, which includes disclosing that CCTV cameras are operating. Visible signage saying so is sufficient. For example, if a shop owner suspects a staff member is stealing it would be lawful to position a hidden camera over the till to detect offending.

The survey found the number of people concerned about their individual privacy had risen slightly to 67 percent, up two percent from the last survey held in However only 36 percent were concerned about the use of CCTV by individuals; the use of drones in residential areas concerned 62 percent, making the CCTV the issue of least concern in The council records the pictures; the police do not.

The council holds the pictures for a month and then wipes them. The police have a month to request any footage they might want to see and retain. The council meets their requests promptly. For the council the purpose is to make Wellington, particularly central Wellington, a safer place.

A volunteer will call police communications, who will take the matter from there, sending a foot patrol or a car as they judge appropriate.

Volunteers can also text McKnight directly. Sergeant McKnight says the biggest benefit of the cameras is prevention, although detecting crimes and identifying offenders is also very important. If we ask to see their footage, invariably they give it to us.

The PR department arranged for one of them, Jordan, to respond to written questions. He says weekdays are quieter than weekends. He tells us he once played a role in apprehending an offender. He saw a speeding car pull up in Te Aro Park. I got straight onto the police radio and notified them of the situation. Shortly afterward it comes over the radio that a unit has pulled the car over and recovered a machete from the vehicle. Squawk Squad has also designed an online education pack for schools.

Over three years, more thanstudents. Its strength, they say, is that it saves money for merchants, keeps New Zealand money in New Zealand, and gives shoppers an opportunity to support their communities with every flat white they buy. The year is Post-apocalyptic scavengers rummage through the debris that was once Wellington city and stumble upon an old poster.

Gently, so as to avoid crumbling it to dust in their fingers, the finder turns over a folded corner to reveal the date. To be fair, there is a wider issue in the music industry when it comes to gender representation. At the time of writing, only four out of 20 songs in the NZ charts are written by or feature female artists, and three of them are by BENEE.

Other music. In Newtown! For free! Nadia will be launching her highly-antic. Plus, those who attend a festival like Laneway expect to discover new music, whereas Homegrown punters are more focused on catching already-established favourites.

That said, there are a handful of all-male bands on the Homegrown lineup that have fairly small followings and streams online. This year when he did try to book her she was too busy.

Homegrown is a really cool day out — a celebration of musical talent made right here in Aotearoa, on stages around the waterfront. I have no doubt that Wright and organisers of other festivals around the country care about the state of New Zealand music, and want to see all good Kiwi musicians thrive.

Until a real effort is made to get more Pussyfoot - Ratbag (2) - Live (Cassette) women on our stages, the gender imbalance is going nowhere. See page If like me you missed out on tickets to her Wellington gig last year sold out, of coursePussyfoot - Ratbag (2) - Live (Cassette) I expect to see you front-row-centre. If you love babes taking up loads of space and making far more noise than is ladylike, check out Miss June, Giantess, and Wax Chattels.

Thomas worked with a long list of impressive clients over the years. With the encouragement of his partner, his workshop Artisan Screenprints became the only workshop in Wellington using solvent-free and plastic-free print methods. The band posters and artworks are his passion project. I ask if he thinks people are learning to appreciate the tangible again. When MCA from the Beastie Boys died, Thomas made a memorial shirt and wore it to the grocery store only a few hours after his death.

Sometimes the old ways are the best. Cassette tapes and music memorabilia pile up on the desks collecting dust, old punk rock posters line the walls and splotches of ink and paint cover the floor. Thomas got into screen printing as a teenager, cutting basic stencils to make t-shirts proclaiming his favourite bands.

His mentor was patient and he learnt his trade on the job. For 13 years he travelled, mov. Spring bulbs just arrived and ready to plant, available now at Palmers Mirimar Miramar Avenue, Miramar. A form of craniosacral practice, Stillness Touch assists you to relax profoundly, releasing deeply held tension and increasing your vitality.

Come and experience Stillness Touch for yourself. City life can be busy. A modern minimalist escape offering award-winning coffee, freshly baked goods, delicious brunch menu, and neat retail goods.

Capital have produced a handy pocket sized guide to tempt you on beer adventures around the city. Find a copy free around the city this summer. The shop-meets-gallery layout uses plinths and white-painted chairs to display and highlight the value of high-quality donated goods. Participants were sponsored to get a daring new hair-do, which Blow Up did for free.

Raising awareness as well as money was the goal — when someone asks you about your radical new hair, that is your opening to discuss Mental Health. New Zealand's coastline is the 10th longest in the world, measuring about 14,km, so we really need to know how to swim. Students enrolled in SwimWell classes learn essential swimming and water safety skills, and have unlimited access to all Wellington City Council pools. The Springbok mantis is bigger and varies in colour, where ours is always bright green.

The thorax the long neck-like bit between its head and abdomen of the native species is wide and flat, where that of the South African is skinny, almost as if it had a cinched waist. Powerglide managed to sweep Kenji to safety, but Bumblebee was then confronted by Rumble, Laserbeak and Ratbat as well.

Bumblebee managed to evade the Cassettes long enough for Ironhide and Cliffjumper to arrive as back-up. Using a patented Bumble Kick, the small Autobot damaged Soundwave's chest compartment, so that when Ravage and the others attempted to hide from the Autobots inside their master, they bounced fruitlessly off of Soundwave.

Cliffjumper was able to grab them while they were still in their cassette forms, pulling out their magnetic tape. Super Robot Lifeform Transformers 2. When the Stunticons attempted to frame the Autobots for their evil deeds, Rumble and Frenzy appealed directly to the human race for Decepticon support. Disguised in full-body cloaks and masks, they staged rallys against the Autobots and convince mankind that the Decepticons were their true friends. Their ruse was soon uncovered by Eject and Rewindwho ripped off the Decepticons' robes to reveal their true selves.

Super Robot Lifeform Transformers 7. Scramble City: Mobilization. As the Autobots prepared to leave Earth and pursue Scorponok 's forces into space, Soundblaster of all the Decepticons stayed behind to continue tormenting humanity.

He dispatched Overkill and Slugfest to attack the Witwickys but they were, um After Chromedome blasted Soundblaster into the distance, his remaining Cassettes crowded around the Decepticon tapedeck as he shook the stars from his eyes.

The Headmasters 8. The origin of the Mini-Cassettes as a whole is unknown. Warriors like Laserbeak and Ravage were seen working with Soundwave in their standard capacity since the beginning of the war. The War Within The sole exception is Ratbat, who was once a high-ranking Decepticon, and the leader of his own independent faction during the Dark Ages. Countdown to Extinction. Besides Ratbat, the Mini-Cassettes were sent into stasis lock with Soundwave and the rest of the Nemesis ' crew for four million years on the planet Earth.

They reawakened in to battle Optimus Prime and the crew of the Ark. After Starscream made a proposal to strike out on their own, however, they turned against Shockwave. Part of the deal was Starscream reuniting Soundwave with Ratbat, whom he had apparently already used as a Mini-Cassette in the past. War and Peace Megatron eventually returned, reclaiming leadership from Starscream, with the help of Soundwave and the Mini-Cassettes.

The Route of All Evil. In Cybertron's pre-war functionist society, RavageLaserbeakand Buzzsaw were targets of oppression because of their beastly forms. When their friend Soundwave was employed by Senator Ratbatthe three came with him and were modified into the Cybertronian equivalent of mini-cassettes.

Frenzy and Rumble were originally energon miners like Megatron. They were the first pre-Decepticons to hitch their wagons to the rising star of Megatron. Once Soundwave joined the Decepticons, Megatron had them both reformatted into cassettes in order to participate in Soundwave's surprise attack on the Senate. They weren't entirely happy about it, but agreed out of fear and loyalty to Megatron. Squawkbox also participated in that operation, possibly being reformatted alongside Rumble and Frenzy.

In the process of killing the Senate, Soundwave also attacked his former boss Ratbat, but preserved his spark in a Cybertronian mini-cassette. Megatron Origin. During an Autobot manhunt for Soundwave early in the war, the information officer released his cassettes to distract his pursuers whenever they closed in. The Hunt for Soundwave. Much later, Squawkbox served on the same space station as Sixshot. Spotlight: Sixshot. Ravage and Laserbeak traveled with Soundwave to Earth while keeping an eye on Bludgeon.

Buzzsaw, Frenzy, and Rumble were not seen during this period, but the possibility that Soundwave was keeping one or more of them in reserve cannot be ruled out. You never really know who he has hidden in there. It was at this time that Soundwave and at least Ravage and Laserbeak picked up -era Earth alternate modes. Spotlight: Soundwave. Ratbat spent some time as a regular member of Earth's infiltration unit doing reconnaissance work.

Devastation issue 1 He had a non-mini-cassette alternate mode. Laserbeak, Ravage, Frenzy, Rumble, and Ratbat all participated in Megatron's full-scale invasion of Earth as Soundwave's mini-cassette minions. All Hail Megatron. Hearts of Steel. It was not revealed what those alternate modes were, but textual notes in Squawkbox's concept art included in the trade paperback indicate that his "upper body transforms into a mechanical gorilla" and his "lower part transforms into mechanical eagle.

Views Page Discussion View source History. Jump to: navigationsearch. In the days of Megatron, Decepticons developed the art of espionage using cassette technology. After returning to Earth, only Rumble and Frenzy made express appearances.

Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, and Ratbat were presumably present inside Soundwave. Due to the sheer number of resissues and redecos of each mold, only the original use of the mold for that character, plus any new characters made with said mold, will be included.

Animated title sequence done by me with gameplay footage taken from BioShock and music composed by Andrew Hale for L.A. Noire's original soundtrack. Ratbag, also known as Ratbag the Coward, is an Uruk in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War. He is a member of Sauron's Army in Udûn, and an ally to Talion. He makes up the mythic two-headed troll called The Etten with the Olog Az-Harto, whom he calls "Ranger" in honor of Talion. Ratbag the Uruk craves power without knowing what he would do with it. He cannot heft a. Tracks & additional recording and mixing at Bunk, Junk & Genius Studio (London). Track recorded & mixed at Battery Studios (London). Tracks to recorded for the Radio One Rock Show session first transmitted on December 11th Session produced and engineered at Maida Vale Studios, London. Released by arrangement with BBC.

Animated title sequence done by me with gameplay footage taken from BioShock and music composed by Andrew Hale for L.A. Noire's original soundtrack.

Oct 07,  · Shadow of War - Ratbag & Bruz The Chopper All Cutscenes Story - Duration: lzuniy , views. SHADOW OF WAR Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - . Random high school graduate looking to stream for fun. I'll try my best to stream Saturday nights (8pm EST), along with streaming when I'm in the mood for it. Follow @Ratbag31 on Twitter for updates:D.

Oct 07,  · Shadow of War - Ratbag & Bruz The Chopper All Cutscenes Story - Duration: lzuniy , views. SHADOW OF WAR Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - .

RatBag. K likes. Accordion driven ska punk ratcore ear treats!! liehageludedownfumetheamegilern.coinfo Pussyfoot was a British recording act of the late s. The act consisted of songwriter, producer and musician Mick Flinn, and vocalist Donna Jones. Flinn remained behind the scenes, and Jones was marketed as a solo artist. Early s. Flinn had been a member of Australian rock band The Mixtures from to , which included the band's.

Pussyfoot ‎– PUSSY CDLP Format: 2 × CD, Compilation4/5(34).


Ritualz Loop 1 - Various - Fundamentals EP (Vinyl), Girl I Like The Way That You Move (Radio Mix), Last Call, Ποιος (Remix) - Various - Maxi Hits - Καλοκαίρι 95 (CD), Barcarole Aus Hoffmanns Erzahlungen, Jollie Madam - Thalia* - Musica Compacta - Thalia CD / Mundo De Cristal CD (CD), Frizzle Try, Webbs Guitar Schuffle - Chicken Shack featuring Stan Webb (2) - Goodbye Chicken Shack (Vinyl, LP, Al, Ornamenty - Precedens - La La Lá (Cassette, Album), Hope [Feat. Gavin Castleton] - Rare Futures - This Is Your Brain On Love (Vinyl, LP), New Anger - Gary Numan - The Skin Mechanic Live (Cassette, Album), Lebewohl, 1st Movement: Allegro - Beethoven* Performed By The Pascal String Quartet* - Quartet No. 8 ;Rasoumov

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  1. A nice or pleasant girl. Usually found in Spain. However they have been known to show signs of hostility when provoked.
  2. ratbag. n (Brit pej inf) → Schrulle f (inf) There's nowhere I'd rather live than here. Ratbags have always stolen cars, parts and belongings. Cat burglars are coming to steal precious metals "The ratbags responsible for this should hang their heads in shame #ZeroTolerance.".
  3. This is the company behind the label Pussyfoot Records, run by Howie B and Nick Young. It was reactivated in
  4. RatBag’s tracks Rentokil by RatBag published on TZ. Hypocrites Unite by RatBag published on TZ. Where's The Fun In That? by RatBag published on TZ. Oh So Boring by RatBag published on TZ. Geezer Bird by RatBag.
  5. Jun 25,  · In the year , Ratbat was one of several tapes that accompanied Soundwave when they were spying on the construction of Autobot liehageludedownfumetheamegilern.coinfoave had managed to record a meeting between Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus where the two Autobots leaders discussed hiding the Matrix of Leadership in a bunker at the building site. Ratbat was deployed along with Overkill, Slugfest, .
  6. Ratbag, also known as Ratbag the Coward, is an Uruk in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War. He is a member of Sauron's Army in Udûn, and an ally to Talion. He makes up the mythic two-headed troll called The Etten with the Olog Az-Harto, whom he calls "Ranger" in honor of Talion. Ratbag the Uruk craves power without knowing what he would do with it. He cannot heft a.
  7. Artists can be dime-a-dozen, but there is only one RatBag. Emerging from the Madison music scene in Wisconsin, Rap/Hip Hop recording artist RatBag began hitting the ground running in the music realm. Madison. 27 Tracks. Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from RatBag .
  8. Sep 28,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Pussyfoot - Pussyfoot at Discogs. Complete your Pussyfoot collection.5/5(3).