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I Dont Know (Se Questo E Punk) - Various - We Bastard Motherfuckers #3 (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

by Golkis

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of Extended Play on Discogs/5(6). Nov 16,  · Comment: @ SHIP SAME DAY- EVERYDAY-SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. Please allow days from USA. Item has MINOR Scuff bar code/artwork area liehageludedownfumetheamegilern.coinfo WITH liehageludedownfumetheamegilern.coinfoha inc is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service/5(). The debut EP from I Dont Know How But They Found Me, 's Extended Play, showcases the duo's synthy, new wave and glitter rock influenced pop. The album features the talents of former Panic! At the Disco bassist/vocalist Dallon Weekes and former Falling in Reverse and I .

An album consisting I Dont Know (Se Questo E Punk) - Various - We Bastard Motherfuckers #3 (CD) the cold machine-like brutality of industrial metal, the surgical precision riffing of thrash metal and the intensity of grindcore, all buried under layers of the most glorious of white noise and swathes of keyboards providing a savage soundscape worthy of H.

All of which is topped off with Devin Townsend screaming out his distaste for humanity with a sarcastic grin stretching from ear to ear. Every cliche is embraced and taken to the limit. And as a result they are one of the best metal bands in world. Fancy that. At its finest moments, City feels like being kicked to death in an auto wrecking yard by a cyberpunk clown in a straitjacket while replicant midgets are doing cartwheels in the background and rabid sealions balance the chopped off heads of your loved ones on their noses.

Buy City Amazon. The video for Detox :. If not for his throat shredding performances in The Haunted, then perhaps for his rants on his MySpace Page — rants which frequently make the news section on Blabbermouth. Locust however sounds as amazing as it did twelve years ago. Shortly after the release of Locust Mary Beats Jane disbanded.

They reunited inbut has yet to produce a follow up to the majestic Locust. These three songs only hint at the brilliance that is Locust, an album that must be heard in its entirety. Make the right choice and buy it today. Buy Locust Amazon. A live performance of Day In Day Out :.

Some have labelled them grunge, and while they did feature elements of it, they were metal through and through. But on Dirtwhile it acknowledges that drugs are bad mmkay, many songs do glorify them and the lifestyle that comes with them in a big way.

At this point in time, drugs were still fun and cool and life was a party, but it always hints at the darkness lurking around the corner. Buy Dirt Amazon. Ah yes, good times. Morningrise came close, but with Still Life everything fell into place and they once and for all found their voice, their personality and the template they still use to this day.

For My Arms, Your Hearse the band moved away from the twin guitar harmonies of the first two albums and moved into a different, more brutal realm.

Still Life is a concept album about a man returning to his deeply religious home town fifteen years after being banished for not being religious I guess to seek out Melinda, the woman he left behind and the love of his life. Is it possible the nameless main character is a Moor?

Buy Still Life Amazon. The Moor live in This their debut full length was recorded with Homme on vocals, keyboards, guitar and bass and former Kyuss member Alfredo Hernandez on drums, with the occasional contribution here and there from desert rocks legends such as Hutch, Chris Goss and Dave Catching. Although QOTSA has played nearly I Dont Know (Se Questo E Punk) - Various - We Bastard Motherfuckers #3 (CD) type of music imaginable in their 13 year career, the early incarnation was a continuation of the low rumble howls of Kyuss, but with a clearer pop sensibility and more defined songs with considerably less jamming and spacing out.

But for many different reasons, since they all sound and feel completely different depending who Homme chose to collaborate with on any given recording, and what kind of music he was tripping on at the moment.

A third one will be posted shortly, so keep you eyes open for that one. Mexicola live in The Hellacopters R. Seven albums between andand all seven are masterpieces. Not too shabby, eh? Grande Rocktheir third album, was a big leap forward and would set the template for everything they did up to their parting ways in the winter of Their early singles and the debut album Supershitty To The Max!

But that was nothing like progression that was Grande Rock. And album that in several ways was a sort of rebirth for The Hellacopters. Clean, dynamic, bone dry, and very different from anything they had done before. For whatever reason the band sounded more loose and relaxed on this album. Maybe the leaving of Dregen liberated them a bit as well.

Buy Grande Rock Amazon. Layne Staley Alice In Chains was brought in to sing, and the band was complete. Calling themselves The Gacy Bunch, the band started doing gigs around Seattle. It received a measly two and half stars out of five in Rolling Stone.

But then again, when did Rolling Stone ever know what the hell they were talking about? Above went gold after only three months. Mark Lanegan who had done a guest appearance on Above was recruited as the new singer and the band changed its name to Disinformation.

When John Baker Saunders died of a heroin overdose inDisinformation was permanently shelved. In an interview with Close-Up Magazine in issue 55McCready told reporter Martin Carlsson that he might one day team up with Mark Lanegan and Barrett Martin again to record the Disinformation songs, but under a different moniker out of respect for Saunders and Staley.

One can only hope. If Abovetruly one of the most beautiful albums of all time, is anything to go by, the Disinformation album would be an essential purchase.

More sombre and delicately bluesy as Artificial Red? Buy Above Amazon. I still hate it in theory though, which makes me admire the band even more for not doing what I want them to. And since FNM seemed like the last band that would reunite, then reuniting would be exactly that unexpected thing they should be doing.

You have to remember to always hold something back, mess with their heads a little and poke some fun at them. Something always have to feel a little off and uncomfortable.

They could have just released a clone of The Real Thingbut no, they turned everything on its head and released Angel Dust instead. And for this their next album they went even more extreme. Spare me. Where Angel Dust was a fascinating exploration of mixing up everything at once, King For A Day… is almost entirely polarised. Bungle at the time, perhaps because Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance played on it. Star A. But nothing beats this one, a real once-in-a-career type album. The video for Digging The Grave :.

None of the involved have worked on an album this good ever since. Bassist Sean Yseult is nowhere to be seen. Which is a bummer considering how hot she is. Educatued Horses? At least his movies are alright.

Buy Astro Creep Amazon. Click that link for band history and such. This was their second album out of three, and on this one they were beginning to find their own voice. Truly the pinnacle of Misery Loves Co. Well worth a read if you understand Swedish. Buy Not Like Them Amazon. The video for Prove Me Wrong :. Anger and all. They ditched Danish producer Flemming Rasmussen after working with him for three albums and got hot shot Billboard stalwart Bob Rock instead.

A grade A audio file and a stickler for perfection, Rock demanded more of the band than perhaps anyone ever had. Endless takes of everything, it all had to be perfect. With heated daily arguements as a result.

Except I think Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matters are terrible and boring and should never be played live ever again. At my announcement of this countdownI warned you there would be a hefty helping of grunge. Probably wise. Core was their debut album and they were immediately labelled imposters and were accused of just jumping the grunge bandwagon.

And perhaps they did jump the bandwagon. So what? And if you were willing to dig a little deeper, underneath all that grungification, Stone Temple Pilots were most definitely a good band. Unlike other grunge posers like Bush, Silverchair, etc. By they had found their own voice and the Seattle traces were a little harder to detect on the follow up Purple.

Buy Core Amazon. As a way of alienating himself from he made Xplodera Mig ina noisy industrial rock album that still remains one of my all time favorite albums. The album sold quite well despite its abrasive nature, but it was nothing compared to what was coming next.

Basically it was Xplodera Mig taken one step further. This is not a man who compromises. That was nothing! I got the I Dont Know (Se Questo E Punk) - Various - We Bastard Motherfuckers #3 (CD) game Alien 3 for Christmas inand used to blast this album while I played, and these two have since become forever linked in my mind. Everytime I play this album I see images in my head of Ripley running down desolate, grey concrete and steel corridors with a flame thrower taking out facehuggers.

None of these songs have lyrics in German though. The lyrics are almost a chapter onto themselves. This is truly one of the best heavy albums of all time, one that deserves to be heard by as many people at possible.

And keep in mind that industrial metal albums never age very well — they date and grow old faster than an open carton of milk on a hot day. But ask the risk of sounding repetative, Red Sonic Underwear is as fresh and crushing as it ever was. Do yourself a favor, citizen. Download these three tracks from the album and revel in their amazingness. Crank it way up — this is music meant to play loudly. Buy Red Sonic Underwear Amazon. It would be easy rag on Korn in general and this album in particular for all the lame imitations it spawned.

And of course losing their way entirely in the process. Machine Head snapped back into shape after a couple of albums, whereas Sepultura got lost in the haze where they remain to this day. He even started banging his head the same way.

But back in when the album was recorded, none of that baggage existed. Metal was a lot of things, but emotional was not one of them. Personal and heartfelt? Yes, many a sappy love ballad would be proof of that. But to express pure, raw emotions, even to the point of breaking down crying while recording your vocals the final track Daddywas unheard of.

Only the strong survive, whoever drinks more beer, beats up more queers and bangs more chicks win. Pussies and faggots need not apply. Sure, they might write a song or two about how badly their parents treated them, but those would be angry songs.

But to write songs about the actual hurt the childhood abuse caused? To get right down to the core of the pain and rip it right open for everyone to see? This tiny little snowball of honesty soon became a huge avalanche. The scars of the soul and all that. It became something that was expected of you, if you were in the nu metal genre it was downright mandatory.

Not to mention goths and emos took a few cues from this new feeling-shitty trend. Even Korn themselves ran out of steam by their third album Follow The Leader in Jonathan Davis still sang about the same stuff, but it had all become a pose.

There was no information at all on the TV screen, just the name of the band and the name of the song. I went to every record store I could think of. No one had heard of the band. I mentioned the band in school, but nope.

No one had seen the video, they had no idea what I was talking about. There was no internet to speak of, and even if you were one of the lucky few who had access to it, there was no information about obscure metal bands anyway. Is he hanging upside down in a corn field? What the fuck IS this?! Who ARE these people?! Finally later that same year the album was distributed in Europe, and I bought a copy via mail order.

Cost me a fortune, but it was worth it. I ogled over the creepy photos of dolls, porno mags and bugs in the booklet and stared at the ominous cover of the girl on the swing looking up towards an unknown predator. I now knew a little more, such as the name of the band members, but I still knew nothing about them.

These were a bunch of inbred delinquents recording their demons as part of their therapy at the loonie bin for all I knew. Everything about Korn was dark and creepy and unsettling and murky and claustrophobic and just plain verboten. Hey, I was 13 and impressionable, gimme a break.

But as time went on and Korn got more attention, more info would seep out and it turned out they were pretty normal people after all. What a bummer. I am instantly transported back in time to that dweeby year old that was almost too scared to play the CD because it might be haunted. The video for Blind :. Daniel Johns in his Jonathan Davis phase:. Brilliant album, easily Therapy?

A bit weird, but with their thick riffs and inspired hooks, I guess it fits. Although I always felt Troublegum was a little too long. Some total classics on this one, such as NowhereDie Laughing and Trigger Insidesongs the band still plays live to this day. The first time I remember taking notice of Therapy? Buy Troublegum Amazon. Unbeliever live at Brixton Academy The video for Turn :. How many of you were expecting Vulgar Display Of Power? Quite a few I bet.

Well fuck that. As I stated in my VDOP post last Septemberthat album, and the video for Walk in particular, opened a huge metal door that might otherwise have remained closed. Cowboys From Hellyou say? A pitch black, claustrophobic album without even a hint of sunshine through the thick clouds. One look at the cover and you might expect what the record sounds like — a huge fucking evil snake ready to bite your face off.

After years of grunge and with nu metal emerging and growing ever stronger, metal was just about the untrendiest thing on the block, I Dont Know (Se Questo E Punk) - Various - We Bastard Motherfuckers #3 (CD). Basically a slower form of thrash with hardcore style singing, to simplify the genre to an absurd degree. On The Great Southern Trendkill however, little of that remained.

Drag The Waters is really the only song evoking the bouncy Walk -style grooves of old. Even the balladry of old was gone. Anselmo had also become a fan of grindcore and black metal and invited Anal Cunt ringleader Seth Putnam to contribute some hellish screams straight from the abattoir.

A lot of the time it sounds like a couple of drunken junkies which, to be honest, is exactly what they were taking turns puking bile on the mic. A house Reznor later sold to actor John Goodman. But enough about Phil Anselmo, his three guilty parties were on high form as well. Floods live:. I later realised he just meant that both groups had nine members, but at the time I had no idea, I just thought it sounded cool. Having listened to crappy 30 second RealAudio clips on Amazon, I order the album the now very rare 19 track digipack version and was hooked from the moment sic kicked in.

Hailing from the inbred plains of Westilldonthavetheinternet, Iowa Des MoinesSlipknot consisted of members of local bands such Bodypit, Anal Blast and other terrible bands with even more terrible names. Singer Corey Taylor was recruited from Stone Sour. Taylor replaced former singer and Max Cavalera-wannabe Anders Colsefini who then went on to sing in the abysmal trainwreck known as Painface what is it with these people and crap band names?

Or course they held nothing back and poured every drop of sweat and blood they had into it. Another story is how Joey Jordison recorded all of his drums in two days, and the album consists of first takes only. He plays like his life depended on it, literally.

That goes for the rest of the band too for that matter. Corey Taylor has for example sounded more brutal and guttural on later albums, but his screams here are the best of his career just because of the sheer force and determination.

Whatever he did worked, the album is one long release of nine lifetimes worth of pent-up aggression. Man, with all this rambling this is turning into a very long post.

As a rabid Dropkick Murphys fan I consider them to be one of the top five bands in the worldI had to include them on the list. This was the only album they did with McColgan who after the album left to pursue a career as a firefighter. The strength of Dropkick Murphys since day one has been their combination of pretty much every good form of punk there has ever been. Aggressive, often quite fast, songs with hooligan vocals that made you realise Oi!

In the liner notes of their live album Live on St. A Dropkick Murphys show is just about the funnest thing there is, good spirits all aroundand a complete sense of unity were the boundaries between band and audience disappear. Granted, I live in Atlanta where the majority of the population is black.

His name was Abdul and he said his nickname when he moved here was Moulie Doulie. In defense of black people, though, my best tips ever have also come from them.

We all hugged each other goodbye when they left. I treated all my customers well, whether I thought they were going to tip or not. For those who listed church folk as the worst tippers: get in touch with the local nearby I Dont Know (Se Questo E Punk) - Various - We Bastard Motherfuckers #3 (CD) and let them know what is going on.

As Christians, we are suppose to be the best tippers. If the pastor gives you some crap, tell him to read the Parable of the Dishonest Manager in Luke Thank you Joseph L.!

Never heard in my 50 years on planet earth that you were supposed to be the best tippers. Oh my god, I die.

I die lol. Beth, I signed up to reply to you. I agree, those from India are the worst as are most foreigners. Contact the embassy of India asap please!

The customer should not be expected to be paying the wage of their server; their manager should be giving them a decent wage. As a waitress I feel that the best tippers are people who work or have worked in the service industry. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so cheap. You must have been an order taker not a waitress. A great waitress such as myself expects to be tipped at least 20 percent and would never tip. Fuck you mam. EVERYTIME you go to a restaurant, be it for a sit-down meal or for take out, you are paying for the level of experience, attention, and investment that the server has in their position, serving you.

The standard tip in the U. Get with the program lady! Oh your name is Grace- you must be one of those Christians everyone on here is complaining about. Whats a couple extra dollars to you? What kind of service could you provide??? Try learning the taste notes on a wine menu of over items within week period.

Mindless …. If you walk up a street and someone ask you to help lift some crate into their car and you decline then you are more likely to drop some cash in the hat of the beggar further up the street.

Your mind feels guilty for not helping the first guy so you compensate it with helping the second. Well, Grace…most work done anywhere is mindless, unless your a rocket scientist or into astrophysics.

Have you heard of inflation? Yup, yer right they should. Have you done that Grace?? Has anyone here done anything to actually try to change this archaic system we live with day to day to support ourselves and families?

I know that I have. I actually quit working for a restaurant when I found out that the owner was the head of the National Restaurant Association in the State that I live in. No its not good its the tip u leave when your server sucks.

Archaic is a great word to describe it. Other countries UK, Continental Europe and to some small extent, Canada have not allowed the kind of inadequate wages and ridiculous tipping practices to prevail, why should the US be falling behind?

Ok, can we all just go ahead and agree that Grace grew up with a silver spoon gorilla-glued to the inside of her mouth? My mom is a waitress, and has been since she was pregnant with me. So Grace can go fuck herself.

If you took your special someone out for a nice dinner, would you know what the torchon on the menu actually was? If you wanted a nice bottle of bubbly, would you know the difference between extra brut and demi sec?

Or for dessert could you say how a pudding differs from a custard? So shut the fuck up. The older men were definitely better — probably because they wanted to show off in a crowd. My husband waited tables for several years in Chicago and Joliet and he reiterated the point about church goers and African-Americans particularly black men generally being bad tippers.

He did say that gay men tended to be really good tippers…. As a teenager, I frequently received terrible service by servers who undoubtedly thought I was not going to tip well. I remember being irritated, not just because of the bad service, but because I wanted to tip well. So, in that situation, should I have tipped poorly because I received bad service and reinforce the stereotype or well, even though the server was rude?

So many of you are so concerned about what your server thinks of you! If you plan to return, tell the manager or at least the server what was wrong, and that you hope your experience was an exception and not the rule.

And if it happens again, never go back! Large groups in general, but especially the lunching wannabe business people who ask for separate checks. Okay, asshole, this is the sound of me puking at your pretentious attempt to impress — who? Grazie to my two Robertos. Clean today? I got out of the business when I was to the point where I was accidentally saying that kind of stuff out loud.

To my customers. You want me to go get it? No problem. Tourists from countries where tipping is not part of their culture and the waiters back home get paid decent, even above-average salaries.

Things like what services are tipped, how much should you tip, etc. It is not necessary for the tip percentage to go up to keep up with inflation. Or maybe they just truly believed their compliments could pay my bills as well as their cash could…. That was annoying, too, but at least they had the decency to slink away instead of rubbing my face in it.

I have to agree on Indians as the worst tippers in the world. At one point of my 8-year-career as a waiter I have worked in upscale French-Indian restaurant. What I disagree on is your categorization of restaurant biz. I find it a bit offensive. As a Canadian waiter I just recieved 50 cent tip from Americans. They always seem the worst. I live in Canada, I myself am a very good tipper. Totally agree with you. Black, West and East Indians basically never tip. It just sucks that you try so hard to give them the best possible service and you end up getting nothing from them.

It shows that the educational system needs to teach them a thing or two about tipping and appreciating their services. Seriously people need to learn how to tip. Get take out and eat at home. I worked hard on her feet and she paid with credit card. She drew a horizontal line. So much for gratuity. Not to sound racist but from my experience black people where I work tend to be cheapskates.

The damned church people were the worst. Seriously, if you leave your server one of those cheezy fucking tracts that are disguised as moneybut are actually some bullshit about how your reward is in Heaven? You should be instantly struck dead. Tied for first place in the Awesome Tipper department were the drag queens from the local show bar — sweet, hilarious, a little demanding, but very generous — and the little old ladies from the Jewish retirement home.

I loved my little Bubbehs. I worked as a waitress in a small town and the people who thought they were hot shit and very demanding always tipped the worst. I think that single soldiers in groups of 3 or more and people with kids tipped the worst.

That pissed me off and happened almost daily. I vollenteered to take 3rd shift on weekends while my husband was deployed so no one else was forced to do it and then bitch-BIG MISTAKE Single soldiers who came in from the bar at am tipped so shitty.

Normally the drunk ones tipped better than the sober ones. Then leave. Unfortunately there is no catorgorizing them because they have infiltrated all social, ethnic and religious groups. DenverGregg, non-smokers should have eaten somewhere else. But if there were no non-smoking restaurant options in the area something we have run intothen the low tip was probably due to having to put up with the smoke.

The extra religious will leave a bible quote as a tip. And I have seen Indian IT contractors tip very little. As if they have no idea about money. Usually these people are trying to send money back home; and save for when the gig ends and they have to go back to India.

But if you are going to go out for lunch, pay the tip. I will usually throw in an extra buck or two over my usual tip to model how it is done. Vasil—I worked in a brunch restaurant on weekends and weekdays, but not as many brunchers M-F and aside from the church-goers being dressed up and the non-church-goers looking like they partied all night, YES I would ask them.

Were you at church this morning? And yeah, some of them could be some BAD tippers. I had this one family black, coincidentally! In a crowded-ass restaurant that in itself is annoying enough. Nice logic. But if I had to single out one sector that was the most consistently bad, it would be black church people. And they always seem to arrive in large groups, unannounced! They seem to always order things well done or deep fried, sometimes both!

Sometimes they order prime rib but expect ribs that come from pigs. Invariably, one of the group seems to be the Reverend of the church. On a party of 20 people, the server might get a buck per person, maybe less. As I said before, there are good tippers and bad tippers in any socio-economic group. The black church people, were the most consistently least return on investment of time and effort. I love you OMC. I wonder if you worked in my restaurant, because you hit the nail right up on its head.

And more sugar packets. And extra lemons. Are you making your own lemonade? I work in canada, and the worst tippers in my experience are the asians and indian from india. Vasil — You can tell the church people usually because they tell you they are church people…often they try to convert you or leave you little religious tracts on the table.

Sometimes the little tracts ARE the tip. I used to get one group in every Wednesday night, maybe including the pastor, and they would order weird stuff. Maybe 6 nickles was a killer tip inbut not so much any more. Churchy people! Sunday afternoons totally suck. I was entirely stiffed twice yesterday, and it was not due to the service. They treat the wait staff like pieces of shit. They also tend to throw food and trash all over the floor and let their children run wild throughout the restaurant.

Not very Christian of them, is it? Agree with Melissa — church crowd is the worst. The worst by far? That or young couples who are still paying off student loans…. Although the worst I ever got was a group of servers from Boston pizza. On average they tipped less than five percent, and a few even walked out on their bill.

Of course, they were a group of almost 20 who ran us like we were their own personal slaves…and they ate and drank a lot, not to mention sat until an hour after closing. That was a bad night…. I remember the customers who were a huge pain in the ass AND left really shitty tips:. Churchgoers — Yes, you can see these people coming a mile away.

It seemed like a contest of who could find the item on the menu that could be most drastically altered with modifiers. Then they would camp at the table not-eating these items yet resisting any attempts to move them along.

Ironic, considering that probably at least half of restaurant workers are putting themselves through schooling of some sort. However, these Ph.

Dickheads never seem to have common sense, so they come in on Friday night 45 minutes before their play is supposed to start, and then order a steak medium-well. Some of these shit heads would even have the nerve to complain to the manager.

I have spent so damn much of my life on my hands and knees scraping crushed Cheerios and Goldfish Crackers out of the carpets with my fingernails. I served off and on for years and raised my daughter plus finished college. By the time I last served in a restaurant I was ready to commit murder on most shifts; Sunday lunch being the worst.

If you want to experience the worst in human beings, be a server. It will change your life. Are you kidding me? Much love to all the servers out there!

Beth: You are right, church goers are the worst I attend regularly and do my best to counter the trend. They leave the lowest amount possible while not being outright rude, no matter how good the service is. But they leave what they can and make up for thier lack of funds with kindness.

The above mentioned have no excuse. NBA players. I worked as a valet in college, and was stiffed by both Kevin Johnson now our mayor and Bill Cartwright. This is from years ago, but I have to concur — the Sunday Brunch groups were the most likely to be bad tippers, relative to the amount of extra work they made.

That they were parties or 6, 8, 10 or more just made it worse. On the other hand, the AA group would come in for coffee and sandwiches after the Tuesday night meeting and they usually left pretty good tips for the amount of service they wanted.

Mostly they wanted to be given their stuff and left alone to talk. Keep the coffee cups filled and plenty of cream and sugar on the table and they were happy. Two friends who waited tables agreed that Amway and other multi-level marketing scheme salesmen are stingy bastards that frequently stiff the waitstaff.

My husband attests that Muslims are some of the best tippers. My boss in Japan had gone on a road trip in the U. I found lots of gas stations, but I never saw a convenience store! College students Church groups 15 pizzas, check for exact amount Dairy farmers Artists Late-night business workers exact amount. Worst tippers: Europeans. I am in the Midwest, and if we get anyone with an accent we can expect little to nothing.

Probably because of the expectation that we are paid higher. Not a waiter and never have been. I work in an authentic Japanese place, and the worst tippers are, by far, the Japanese. I get it. Only worked in one restaurant one summer for some extra spending money. They had a lot of questions and some extra requests but were very polite.

I was aware of the low tipping expectations that came with non-Americans and usually saw them as an opportunity to interact with another nationality rather than potential for a big tip. I still always gave the best service because I generally like to see people happy and not have complaints related to my work.

The prevailing type of clients seemed to be comfortable people who enjoyed dining and even getting to know a thing or two about the staff and the ethnic traditions and other cultural facts. I give the owners and the chefs credit for this.

I worked at a local pub and the best tippers where always the construction workers. Maybe it was because I was young and pretty, and I served them cold beer, but they were by far the best. Europeans, I hate you, especially the French.

I love and appreciate the culture, the philosophy, the food and the fashion. The Irish were the exception, as I always found them to be fun and friendly. I waited tables in San Francisco at a diner that was open at all hours and located near bars and movie theaters, so I think I saw it all. The absolute worst, however, were the gypsies who tried to order off of the menu, ran us ragged and tipped pennies, scowling all the while.

And if you want to leave a tract, fine. The server can read it, throw it out, etc. Leave the tract and the proper tip. Well…these comments are quite interesting as I was always curious to know who tipped the worst. Surprisingly, although many people stated tourists, elderly and churchgoers — I was surprised at the randomness of opinions. Groups of the Red Hat Society. Over-entitled, middle-aged, nit-picky women. Church crowd.

As a future teacher, I am disappointed to read that teachers have made some of the worst lists, but as a former waitress, I definitely will overcompensate for that! One place I worked at for 5 years, I even had to cook it as well.

Often times many of them come in early to eat before hand. They do not have the courtesy to understand that they are taking my time and attention away from paying tables, or the fact that I have to re-set the tables and clean up after them for 4 hours. I forgot to mention that most of them are ridiculously unfriendly, will interrupt me when I;m taking another tables order so I can refill their water.

And the only time they order drinks is when they have a drink chip that was given to them for free by my boss the previous wednesday. Some of them have even started bringing their own bottled water. Eff no, of course not. And what patrons want to eat in a dining room with the lights cranked as bright as possible creating the worst possible dining atmosphere. They leave no tip at all, no matter how high the bill. My fiance is a former Witness, and he noticed it every time he went to dinner with his family.

I even knew some of them by name and would have friendly conversations with them, and they would still stiff me. Mexicans and Asians are the worst tippers…sorry guys, but I waited tables for 15 years and in 3 different states.

There, I said it! I know Kempeth said it already, but I just have to add my apology to his. I saw a year old guy drop a quarter on the table for a tip once. I have been doing hair a long time, and they may share other things with you things they no longer need but not a cent of their money other than what they have to pay.

Yeah in my experience, the worst tippers are black people and church people. These are stereotypes and I know there are black people and church people that tip very well. Hey church folk, a printed sheet of paper about god, not so much a tip. Waiters are mostly looking for paper money.

Spendable money. Not your church propoganda. The worst. The kiss of death. As a Canadian who works in the food industry i have to say that Europeans are the worst. I hate to say it but especially Bosnians and Serbians. Waiting tables in Texas for a long time, Mexican nationals were terrible tippers, for the most part. Like churchgoers, they were extremely needy but did not compensate for the hard work.

Let me add my apology for all the cheap churchgoers. My daughter has been a server for 14 years and says the worst tippers are the Red Hat Ladies. I worked as a server in a restaurant in a small city in Arizona, and I had also heard people saying that church people tipped the worst. Not counting the poor students I served, the worst tippers were foreign non-english speakers and groups of middle-aged women. And middle-aged women were also the least forgiving and most stressful to serve.

In any group of more than three women there is inevitably one uber-bitch who is so demanding and runs you so much that her friends are embarassed. Had no idea people do that to try to make up for a bad tip. I forgot about people who promises to tip well. If the customer mentions the tip at any point before actually leaving the tip, you should expect to feel ripped off at the end of service.

Most of them were friends with each other and none of them tipped. No Canadians where I work, though. Yeah, I forgot to mention groups of middle aged women. Then ask for seperate checks. Not worth it. I have close to three years exp. Lansing, Mi. I can agree with most that church goers are in the top 5 worst tippers.

But my experience is that lesbians are the worst tippers, followed by mexicans and mexican nationals, church group, europeans and then asians. Women in healthcare. Table full of ladies in scrubs? Fucking cows, the lot of them. The exception always seemed to be the Catholics. For whatever reason, almost all the Catholic people I knew tipped acceptably.

Not stellar, but not the less than 10 that the Calvinists gave. No idea why. People with small children.

Insult to injury, usually, given the terrible mess those little monsters would make. Without fail. Where i work each section pools their tips among themselves: Desk, Kitchen, Bar. While everyone tips the bartenders and servers, most forget about the cooks and the desk people.

They are friendly, funny, and tip well if not generously. In East Asian culture, restaurants and its staff take pride in their work and so tip is not necessary.

Menu prices either have built in tip or just the price to dine there. All prices reflect the final cost including tax if any. I guess they put their tip money into the communion plate. Brits, teachers, ghetto fab, and last but not least, department store ladies!!! Oh and lets not forget the verbal tip. Aussies are consistently shit tippers hands down.

I personally know quite a few of them and have had discussions with them on this topic. They feel waiters should be paid a decent wage, as they apparently are over there. As a Canadian server I was completely taken aback that my brethren are viewed as shitty tippers abroad. We ate at a nice restaurant last night.

We had two coupons. I have also experienced the scourge of the bitchy group of middle aged women. I used to work at a golf club and Ladies Day was an absolute nightmare. All of these women more than likely their husbands paid 5-figure golf course fees and lived in mansions, yet felt it was appropriate to toss me loose change. So essentially: a good portion of the Baby Boomers and their progeny in Gen Y. Actually their progeny is Gen X! Wow — some funny comments. I went to the US once as a 23 year old.

Thinking back now I strongly suspect I completely stiffed some poor diner waitress but it was done out of ignorance — not malice. It simply never occurred to me that the girl who took my order for 10 seconds, delivered a plate then stood behind the cash register to take my money needed to be tipped! Lucky every other time I ate out was fast food. Well every Friday we get large crowds of black people and they 1 never tip or 2 walk their tabs!!!

Sometimes they complain that the salads are cold. I would like to apologize also for the church goers. My family is part of that group but we always tip well, especially if we have our young children with us we know that when children are at the table the wait staff has to work much harder then if it was a couple of adults.

I am embarrassed to say that there are people from our church that we will not go out to eat with because they tip poorly and are so incredibly needy. I distinctly remember going out with a family one time, they had their children and we did not, they ordered an app.

I wish I could take each of our fellow church members and make them serve one week, I think they would see things much differently then. In Denmark tips are included, hence a Danish tourist in the U. This blog has definitely not changed my mind about tipping, although almost looked upon as showing off over here! Hey, You waiters in usa have it lucky.

And our best tippers are middle men and other waiters. There is no logical argument against this, so just nip that right in the bud. Happens all the time right after the holidays when people come out to use up those dining dollars. As for comps — I recently waited on a 3 top that started out wonderfully. Decent bottle of wine, nice witty banter, checked back on their food shortly after it was delivered, all is well.

Then they decide to tell me that their steaks are undercooked, that their sides are too salty, that their meal basically sucks. Manager visits the table, gets their food re-fired, I send out free dessert, comps a bunch of stuff. As if everything was my fault. Oh, and they took their food with them.

Working in fine dining in DC, we have many of foreigners to serve. The worst Europeans by far are the Italians. By far the worst tippers are people from Central and South America. I was out to dinner with a friend once who was paying the bill. This is often done to ensure they can keep good front of house staff without increasing wages. Without a doubt, the after church crowd. If I could afford to not work Sunday mornings I would.

They kill me! The church crowd is so often needy, huge groups, and bad tippers. They leave tracts, but if I were at church, who would get you your 15 refills of diet coke? It probably just seems that way because you remember the bad tips more than the good ones in relation to the effort you put it.

Best tippers? I fight to wait on them! As a middle aged Canadian woman, I find the stereotypes mildly annoying. I worked hard my whole life and never ever got a tip, yet restaurant owners expect us to pay for our meals and their employees on top it should be included in the price of the meal. I also tip my hairdresser generously while she is overcharging me the whole time.

I would love if the Church people were just given a couple of fishes and the bread basket, and you told them to feed themselves. The late dinner, early and late bar crowds and early morning breakfast people were all generous. It was the lunch time and early dinner crowds that were cheap with tips.

Gonna sit for 3 hours with your bottomless cups of coffee, taking that table out of commission for me? You should thank them. My parents were terrible teachers when it came to tipping.

Like that amount would change their lives. As an adult I realized that if I had the money to go out to eat then I could damn well tip. And I always calculate it on the total before discounts,deals, whatever. I rarely complain. My children know how to behave in a restaurant they complain about bad kids at the nearby tables! I leave the table neat and tidy as possible.

AND I always leave a generous tip. I hate it when my dining partner s are cheap on the tip. I hate the superior attitude. I hate it when they embarrass me by asking for special considerations. When I go out to eat I expect it to be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Complaining and having unrealistic expectations just ruins it. Why do those people even go out? I saw lesbians mentioned earlier so I wanted to share this. My experience with bad tippers has mainly been older people and the church crowd.

In San Francisco, at least, lesbians tended to leave bad tips for everyone except other lesbians, unless the restaurant was owned by a lesbian, in which case they left a little more than usual. One other thing I consider the tip as part of the cost of the meal.

If owners paid better wages and thus upped their prices would the bad tippers still go out? She figures she can use that to go out another time.

I worked both as a server and a bartender. These were places where you expected the big tips because our level of service was outstanding. That said, I have had a more than a couple of interesting experiences. Oh, and rich South Americans. The women: Young and attractive in groups, they are out fishing and are there to be seen by rich males. They are generally pissed that they have to pay for themselves.

The inexperienced: Usually reeling from the check and are out of money. Rich SA a holes: Have an outdated aristocratic self-importance, will snap at you, order pretty much when the kitchen is about to shut down, and parting with a penny for service is against the natural order of things. One night, we got this trader-type who ordered two. So Vinnie told the guy he should tip only what he felt was necessary. It was only until I got home that night that I realized what game that guy was playing.

He was one of these ballsy traders who was addicted to high stakes. A month later he comes in again. Same order, same song and dance. Not the best tip I ever had, but easily the most interesting. When a place is dim, it really bothers me. Also, why is the music in restaurants usually so loud? Hm, back to tipping. I think the wealthier someone is, the less they tip, generally. But this also means he gets his credit card and check tips that night.

Bring a flashlight. Not the high roller type. I mean the pull-tab and scratch-off addicted idiots who make weekly trips to the Indian casinos. Not all; some have been very good to me, but for the most part, neither group tips, yet will avail themselves fully to all that I have to offer, therefore actually costing me money. The worst tippers I encountered when delivering pizzas and it is the same I heard from my friends who served tables — those who really are upper class.

Perhaps an article like this one where customers explain their tipping practices? Good for you for quitting that diner! My best and worst tippers have changed over the 15 years and many levels of dining establishments I have worked in. Back in the place my 16 year old self worked in that had both table service and a drive-thru, I a white teenage girlhad a co-worker a black teenage girl BEG me to swap our new tables.

My table posessed an elderly white couple, hers a twenty-something, upper middle class looking black couple. I agreed, and my tip was folding money, while hers jangled. In a four diamond restaurant years later, I had the pleasure of having Brits with sunny dispositions, impressive food and wine knowlege 7 year old kids ordering foie gras?

Back in the lower end day, yes, church folk were the worst…and who can get the friggin soup hot enough for the asbestos-lined elderly tongues?

Men in suits are some of the rudest and most lucrative! Know what? I have actually been thanked for completely ignoring guys for well over an hour. They will appreciate it in the long run. Where I worked, we could generally foretell the tip we were going to get by the salad dressing they ordered. Bikers and guys from South Jersey were awesome tippers. The church crowd and devout Christians were the worst tippers, and were, more often than not, condescending in their dealings with me.

I would have to say that the best tippers were truck drivers when I worked at a truck stop. The ones that hit on me a lot were the best tippers and if I teased them about it in front of their buddies I got really big tips. I guess it was entertainment for them.

I mainly worked in the kitchen cooking. I work for a well known IT company and I eat out more often now but I still have it fresh in my mind when I worked the kitchen or the dinning room. Not sure if it makes you all feel just a little bit better but my Pastor of a big church and other pastors have made a point to do sermons encouraging church goers not to go out to eat, get gas or do anything that required anyone to help them out.

I know guys who are well off but didnt dress like it. These people have encouraged others to call you all by name and to quit pretending you are not there. Which is wrong. Contacting the pastor is a good way to point this stuff out to them. They are always looking for material for the next sermon. Yes they need to have than sermon more often. I always hate it when the people I am with are mean or have their nose up in the air. They are spitting in my food as I speak.

Same if the girl is rude. Chances are the guy wont stick around. First dates take place where you work and I look to see how he treats the wait staff, if he is nice then talks mean when you leave the table, he is soooooo not getting a call back! I hate it when I am on a date and the guy is rude or is a terrible tipper. They cant interact with the server very well, or are fake about it to try and impress me.

Or insist Im their princess and they should send something back to the kitchen so they can show off. They have no people skills and not the kind of guy I will call back. Keep that in mind when you see a new couple. At Mexican places, my mother will act like she knows spanish when she soooooo does not, and acts like she is better than them. I know you all dont get paid much and when they tip so little I have to explain, you all make below minimum wage.

The server might be a single mom, a college student, or a single dad who gives half his check to the ex wife. I put extra money out. I never put the tip on my credit card. There are millions of salespeople who work only on commission and a tip is more similar to a sales commission than the average person will admit.

Why do people pull out this old saw? And why, oh why, would they want to lose the ability to reward or penalize good service without being automatically charged even when the service sucked or have to beg to have something taken off their bill?

Many of us do realize how expensive it would be, and would welcome the change. Because some of us just hate doing performance reviews, especially for free after a relaxing meal.

Also, why would we want to penalize good service — that seems odd. You do the most work on most of them, teasing the heck out of the 4 hairs they have left to make them look like they still have hair.

Perming their hair with super tiny rods that you can barely get your fingers around. And then they tip you a dollar! I have younger clients that tip me 10 or 15 dollars on a haircut… and the older customers act like the dollar is SO much more than you deserve to get!

But it feels good to get it off my chest! Grace Line 21 If you thought waiting tables was mindless, you either worked at a crappy restaurant or you were a crappy waitress. Most people are incapable of it including a lot of servers. By the way, I forgot to mention Alabamans earlier.

Unfortunately, Alabama is only an hour and a half away from New Orleans. To the best of my memory, I have never once received a decent tip from an Alabaman. I have spent many years working in restaurants. I still work in the business part-time for extra money. I have learned never to judge a customer by their appearance. For example, I always enjoyed waiting on bikers.

They came in with their long hair, leather pants, and motorcycle gear. Although they always looked rough, they were always polite to me and generous when it came to tipping. I used to work as a beer cart driver at a public golf course.

A typical day would begin with somewhat stingy old timers early on, move into very generously tipping middle aged white dudes around lunch time, then taper off with cheap but consistant Koreans at later twilight special times. As it was a golf course, most of my customers were men, and the woman golfers I encountered typically did not tip as well as the men did.

Of all my customers, korean women were almost the worst tippers, second only to adolescents. However these are gross generalizations as I have had some very good tipping koreans and have gotten nothing from white guys.

Honestly I found that the economy, the weather, the time of day, the day of the week, the B. Well I think it works the other way too. I can tell what waiter will be good by how they are dressed and how they carry themselves. The worst waitress I have ever had by far was a middle-aged dyed-blonde woman who spent way too much trying to be prettier than she was ever gonna be. It certainly left a bad taste in my mouth.

I love to tip these guys above and beyond, they are the glue of society. Another great waitress I had was an elderly mexican lady who made me feel sorry for her.

She was a master at that. Sometimes I think women are far more advanced than men, like just WAY ahead to the point that men are lucky women have emotions to keep them in check from just running all over us men.

I live in NYC and damn that Mexican broad just worked people all over the show. She emptied my pockets! So if you work in a place that has 20 servers, and 11 of them are lazy, etc. You see them in their finery and church clothes. I wonder if Jesus will save me from my creditors? How about the ladies from the Red Hat Society? Any one had to deal with them?? Split checks all the way around. Ate in fine establishments to pubs.

Love the pubs though as they had the best food …Got my own sugar, utensils, napkins, soda from the soda gun, and even cleared my own tables. In one hotel restaurant, I had to teach the cook how to make a lemon-butter sauce that was on the menu for fish. It was stupid. They were getting paid mainly for doing nothing, all over Auz. Someone who would not have judged her by looks or even efficiency but only the fact that is another human working under his or her service.

I treat all walks of life the same. I bought groceries today and the guy behind the counter not only scanned my items but also helped to bag them. Should this person be tipped? You make me sick Moe! The grocery bagger makes minimum wage at the least and I still tip him! Southern white ladies in large groups. As for the Canadian server who thinks the Brits are worse that canadians… Not so much. If only they could tip approriately they would be perfect. I have to wonder what kind if waitress you were if you never expected a nice tip.

The very worst are Indian customers. I will speak up for Americans though. That is also after each having five drink refills and ordering the cheapest thing on the menu. I actually request a different section if there are reservations for large parties of teens. You are exactly right. I agree- I am a good server and try to do a great job. Since I am a person of color I know that I will obviously get tipped less than the skinny white girl with long blond hair and blue eyes.

WT, tailor house living, uneducated, non-dentist visiting, welfare dependent…trash. There are a lot of bad tippers, but the absolute worst is a large party of African-American churgh people. They are just as needy as they are cheep too.

Verbal tippers suck ass too. What are they retarted? I have never had an electrial fire, never an outage we all no thats bull shit and every time I flip on a switch the light comes right on. I would rather be treated like shit and make money. I also worked retail for several years. My old money customers were usually kind, patient and thoughtful. New money? I wanted to drown them all. People who consider their religion as setting them above others, believe their wealth, race or special snowflakeness entitles them to special treatment are going to be bad tippers and petty, annoying, even abusive customers.

One waitress at a restaurant near my work unfortunately, she has since left knew me and she would arrange for me to fed and out the door in under 25 minutes if I told her I was in a hurry.

The real criminals in this mess are restaurant owners who grab every available penny for themselves and the legislators who kiss their asses. The cost of living is lower for all, and the minimum wage tends to be better for servers than elsewhere. Also, there are very few places out here that have things like food runners and bussers.

The coasts, of course, are a strange strange place of high cost of living and low wages for the service industry. Claiming the tip percentage should go up due to inflation is very poor logic, never mind the bad math involved. Being in Nebraska, let me just say that I hope your silly justification for your cheapness works for you.

I worked for years on the West Coast, where my wage was 2 to 3 times higher than it is here. Non-metropolitan and european are the worst. Especially the British! Why are so many people ridiculously cheap when it comes to coat check?

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Nov 30,  · Mexicans are the worst tippers right around per 10$. %. but they sure got their hand out to receive tips. lol when i go out to eat i like going to Mexican restaurants because i know i dont have to tip them nothing more than i get from them. so me and my friends go eat at a beaner restaurant and we had out bill at 50$ and we gave him $1. And don’t even get me started on people like The Rolling Stones who should have called it quits in when “I can’t get no satisfaction” still meant something. If you still don’t know how to get some satisfaction after 45 years, maybe you’re doing it wrong. Throw .

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  1. Record Store Day was conceived in at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally. The first Record Store Day took place on April 19, Today there are Record Store Day participating.
  2. Don't U Know Lyrics: Girl 1: Oh cutie got it goin' ON! / Girl 2: Cute? What? That dirty motherfucker? / Girl 1: You buggin'! / Girl 2: Ain't no buggin', he's some ugly motherfucker / Girl 1: You.
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