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Sandra Melody - Laugh After Dem (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

by Moramar

Vinyl and CD 1 – of Prev; 1; 2; 3; Next; Jump to; Genre. Show. Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year; Sanchez: Whip Appeal ‎ (12") Mafia And Fluxy: Jamaica: Sandra Melody: Laugh After Dem. Explore releases from the Joe Frasier label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Joe Frasier releases. 7" Single on 45cat: Freddie McGregor - A Dat Wi Want / Version - Joe Frasier - USA - JFS Missing: Sandra Melody.

So he discussed his pal Ozzie, and his schoolboy friends in the Black Hand Gang who would punish any member caught in the company of a girlbut the characters he spoke about were never actually heard themselves.

The show apart from the pilot series was written by James Casey and Frank Roscoe occasionally by Ronnie Taylor, who had written the pilot seriesand from was also produced by James Casey. Misunderstandings are the essence of the character-driven plots. Jimmy is depicted as frequently eavesdropping, or listening at keyholes, and as mishearing or misunderstanding what he overhears. Even when trying to do a good deed as when he believes Grandad has stolen money from a local shop, which he is actually only minding for the bowling clubhe usually messes up, with the assistance of the disaster-prone Alfie.

Another frequent scenario is some variation on one of Jimmy's many money-making schemes, intended to finance another visit to the sweetshop, or the purchase of a new pair of roller-skates, or somesuch, but which inevitably leads to disaster. Jimmy's comedy technique involves much use of a popular style known then as now as insult humour. Mr Higginbottom is frequently likened to a rampaging grizzly-bear. And Grandad's Scottish ancestry is endlessly mocked, with much talk of haggis and playing the bagpipes in the bath, and he is portrayed as a man who lives only for his beer.

Jimmy's sister, Susan, is typically referred Sandra Melody - Laugh After Dem (Vinyl) as "Scraggy-neck", "Sparrow-legs", or occasionally "the Octopus" for her clinches with boyfriend Alfie. Alfie is endlessly mocked also — often countering by threatening to thump Jimmy! It's Alfie who Jimmy refers to in his catchphrase, Don't some mothers 'ave 'em!?

Mr Higginbottom is also mocked whenever he appears: among other things, his house is said to be a rat-infested dump. But Jimmy treads carefully in this, because the bad-tempered Higginbottom is known for his hair-trigger temper. Higginbottom's son, the much-maligned Ozzie, is a fat kid who Jimmy calls his best friend The one person who escapes Jimmy's ready wit is his mother.

In real life, his father had died and he was devoted to his widowed mother; so he wouldn't stand for either his real mother, or his radio mother, being mocked.

She is the calm centre around which the chaos revolves. In the episode Enough to Make a Kitten LaughSusan tricks Jimmy into buying back a lost kitten that he had sold to Ozzie, by offering a reward for it in the local newspaper under an assumed namebut warns Mr Higginbottom that Jimmy wants it back, so that he has to pay double what Ozzie had paid him.

But when Jimmy discovers the trick, he gets the last laugh, selling the kitten at a profit to an employee at the newspaper, who then turns up at home to demand the reward she's offered.

After the end credits, Jimmy would usually deliver a short epilogue, addressed to the audience, tying up loose ends in the plot and, frequently, reporting that Grandad has given him the expected good spanking for the trouble he caused. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Radio Times. BBC Magazines. What's the Welsh for Trouble?. There was little consistency to the releases across labels. Some companies used the same numbering system as the mono issues with just an "S" added to front or back of the number, or sometimes they couldn't make up their minds.

In the case of ABC-Paramount, for example, they started with the S number, tried S for a few issues, then finally settled on S as their numbering format. Other companies had a special numbering system that differed completely Sandra Melody - Laugh After Dem (Vinyl) their mono counterparts, such as Dot, who started the series for their stereo 45s, while mono counterparts were in the series.

When a company just added an "S" to the mono counterpart for a stereo issue, it does not follow that all mono numbers from that series were issued in stereo, so the stereo discography often has gaps in the sequence. Some companies had the same labels as the mono counterparts with a stereo overprint, such as Jamie, while other companies had a special label design for their stereo issues, such as Original Sound.

Some labels, such as Capitol, used the same design but changed colors for the stereo version. Most stereo singles had mono counterparts, but both RCA and Roulette had stereo 45 series with no mono counterparts. And Roulette even changed one of their stereo 45 series to stereo 33s, using a continuation of the same stereo numbering sequence. What confusion for discographers! Some record companies also printed up custom stereo sleeves for their stereo 45s several examples of stereo sleeves are presented on this page.

Apparently, some companies like Warner Bros, shown at rightwere caught off guard and used their stereo EP sleeves for early stereo single releases. Others, like Brunswick, even used the stereo EP blanks for labels below, left.

The major labels seem to focus on issuing classical, jazz and adult contemporary popular male or female vocalists on the stereo For example, artists such as Eddie Cochran LibertyGene Vincent CapitolBuddy Knox RouletteJimmy Bowen Rouletteand Frankie Lymon Roulette all recorded in stereo for companies that released stereo 45s during this period, and they had single releases during the stereo 45 era, but had no stereo 45s issued.

There were several reasons for this. This was the case for RCA Victor's biggest star Elvis Presley during andbecause most of Presley's pre-Army singles had either been recorded in mono or had only been mixed to mono at that time some have been mixed to stereo years later. There was also research by record companies that indicated that the teenagers of the time didn't have the money or interest that adults had to purchase the stereo 45s.

For these reasons, executives generally aimed the fledgling stereo 45s at the adult market, just as they did the stereo albums of the time. Much research has been done since that article, by both Mike and Tom Reed, along with many others whose names appear at the bottom of this page, to bring the discography to its current state. As we've mentioned, we invite additions and corrections at the link below. In order to be listed, a stereo single had to be issued commercially and in the standard 45 format 7" record with a "big hole".

Compact 33 stereo singles and jukebox stereo singles with small hole are covered in part 2 of this discography. Releases outside the United States are added as noted, but the non-US list at the bottom of this discography is not meant to be comprehensive.

Items in the discography below with " U " after the number are unconfirmed as to their actual release. They have been listed in Billboard or other guides as a stereo 45, but we have not verified their actual release.

We would appreciate your notifying us if you can verify they actually exist. The Billboard designations of stereo single availability was, shall we say, somewhat less than fastidiously accurate. Whoever did the listings, it was apparently an "other duties as assigned" kind of thing.

Mistakes were made, and once the mistake was made, it followed that song every week until it left the charts; they were never corrected. For example, Columbia, who put out only stereos, was listed some weeks as having stereos. Weeks would go by with no new reporting, then all of a sudden lots of "new" singles would appear.

And I suspect that some of the "phantom" stereo singles are mistakes from misreading the reporter's notes. For example, King Records reported Ruby Wright's "Three Stars" availability as a stereo single it was not indicated as such on the Hotbut the availability being assigned instead to Tommy Dee's bigger hit of the same name.

Ella Fitzgerald's "Mack the Knife" stereo was accidentally reported as a stereo- 45, and on and on. After chasing phantom singles for over 50 years, sometimes you just conclude it was a mistake. That said, because of the really small numbers of each of these singles released, especially starting insome actual releases may never turn up today.

For that reason, we have not listed the singles with the designation " U " even if we've never seen a copy, unless there is a compelling reason to believe they were not issued. We have turned up few copies of the stereo 45s of other than those released on RCA or Mercury. Songs noted as " E " in the list below are known to be rechanneled on the stereo single.

We would also appreciate notification if any additional songs on stereo 45s are rechanneled. We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with any of these record labels. Should you be interested in acquiring the stereo singles listed in this discography which are all out of printwe suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there.

This story and discography are copyright by Mike Callahan. Both sides of the special stereo sleeve are shown at left. The Cliff Richard stereo single "Living Doll" was announced in a pre-release advertisement, but was probably not issued, possibly because the master ABC-Paramount got from England was unexpectedly mono.

The stereo 45 of "Lady Luck" might be the only place to get the song in stereo, but nobody we know has ever found a copy. All the ABC-Paramount stereo singles are quite rare. Abner Grey label with black print, like Abner stereo LPs. The singles are true stereo.

Ace The standard mono label is shown. The single below was reported to Billboard as available as a stereo single, but we have never seen a copy. Ace actually did record in stereo inso it's not impossible that this could have been a stereo single; we just haven't come across a copy.

Alhambra Yellow label with black print. The single below had two different artists on the two sides of the record. Andex The standard red mono label is shown, Sandra Melody - Laugh After Dem (Vinyl). Like its sister label, Keen, the stereo single released in was issued on blue vinyl.

Atco Blue label with silver print. The version of "Plain Jane" on the stereo 45 is not the same "ping pong" stereo mix on the Bobby Darin album, but a 2-track mix with vocals and instruments separated and reverb added.

A rumor that "Poison Ivy" was also issued on stereo 45 is unsubstantiated. Bel Canto Black label with silver print. These were actually issued before September,and were considered the first stereo singles by any label.

Bethlehem Yellow label with black print or blue label with silver print. The Dick Stabile sides were recorded inand the single was released on the yellow label. It was also in stereo on an early stereo LP. A constant cymbal brush sounds very much like surface wear on this record, but it is not. Big Top Black label with silver print. Although the first single was rechanneled, the second is true stereo and very collectable. Furthermore, "Paradise" exists in true stereo from an unknown source, presumed to be a stereo 45, but its existence is unconfirmed.

Brunswick Black label with silver print, like the stereo LPs. Brunswick used the EP stereo label blank for the single, the only one issued by the label. Buena Vista Standard black mono label with silver print shown. The two singles below are from Walt Disney movies. Cameo Orange label with silver print, mono label shown at left. The single below was listed in some catalogs, but it was unlikely to have been actually released in stereo.

Cameo did record some things in stereo as early asbut Bobby Rydell's hit recordings were generally done at Reco Art studios, which only had mono equipment at the time. Capitol The first stereo single releases by Capitol, issued in late April,had a red label with silver print, with Capitol logo on top. The label had the same design as the old s purple label, but with a different color.

After the first six singles released, SS below, Capitol released two more soon after S, Sthen waited until November,to release three more. Most or all of the first batch of Capitol stereo 45s were also issued as stereo DJ singles, using a white label with black print.

Three more stereo single releases came Sandra Melody - Laugh After Dem (Vinyl) in November, They had a gold label with black print, with the Capitol logo on the left side of the center hole.

This resembled the new Capitol purple label design introduced about that time. Stereo DJ versions of these three had silver labels with black print. Carlton Standard tan Carlton label with black print.

Special stereo sleeve shown at left. At least some copies of are not marked stereo on the label, but play in true stereo and have "ST" in the runout groove area. Carousel Standard blue Carousel label with silver print:.

Chancellor Early issues used the standard early pink Chancellor label with black print: "I'm a Man" has been reported to be a stereo single, but is not confirmed.

Chancellor stereo singles we have heard have all been true stereo. Later Chancellor issues used the new standard black label with silver print. Concert-Disc The Concert-Disc label was gold with black print. Concert-Disc, located in Wilmette, Illinois, was Sandra Melody - Laugh After Dem (Vinyl) a stereo tape label Concertapes. A May,advertisement promoted ten stereo 45s drawn from their albums. No artists or song titles were listed. Colpix Standard gold Colpix label with black print.

The single is true stereo. Command Standard grey Command label with black print. Contemporary White label mono copy with black print is shown. Counterpoint The Counterpoint label was dark red with silver print. The single noted that it was "compatible stereo," playing both in stereo and mono.

A story in the December 29, Billboard noted that the company said "Both sides have been gimmicked to emphasize stereo sound. Crest Standard blue mono label with silver print is shown: The single below was reported in Billboard as available on stereo 45, but existence is questionable.

The listing may be a mixup due to "Three Stars" by Ruby Wright being reported as available on a stereo single by King Records. The Ruby Wright version charted a few weeks before Billboard started noting stereo singles, so notes on what was available may have been misinterpreted. Decca Black label with silver print, mono label shown.

DeLuxe Sandra Melody - Laugh After Dem (Vinyl) label with silver print. Dolton Green Dolton label with black print. Dot "Ultra Stereophonic Record" Black label with silver print.

First release was January, They could be numbers higher than in the S series, or they may not have been issued at all. Dot continued : ? End Standard End multi-color "dog" label. Felsted Orange label with black print, mono label shown.

This single was listed as available on Billboard's Hotbut has not been found after extensive searching. It was probably an error due to the Ruby Wright version of the song which didn't chart being reported as available on stereo by King Records. Federal Blue label with silver print. The Federal stereo 45s we've heard, including those by James Brown, are true stereo. Grand Award Blue label with silver print. All singles below are stereo only exceptwhich has a mono counterpart.

Grand Award G. Guaranteed White label with red print; mono label shown. We have not seen this single, but both sides were true stereo on his Carlton album.

Listen to Mafia & Fluxy Presents: 90's Reggae Dancehall, Vol. 1 by Various Artists on Deezer. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends. In the s the label was best known for the 'Reggae Hits' compilations and was arguably the UK's biggest Reggae marketing label during the decade. Jet Star also had some Hip-Hop releases on license from labels such as 'Tuff City' towards the late s. They released a series of Jungle and Ragga Jungle records starting in. During the years just after stereo was first demonstrated on vinyl disc (it had been available on reel-to-reel tape for several years before Audio Fidelity demonstrated the first stereo disc at Times Auditorium in New York City on December 13, ), the stereo single was pretty much experimental with about one stereo copy for every several.

The full list of releases for Record Store Day has been revealed, with the likes of My Chemical Romance, Robyn, Gorillaz, New Order, Eminem and Biffy Clyro set to drop exclusive vinyl this April.

Jan 28, - Explore Cindy Miller's board "Cricut Melody Lane", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cricut, Cricut cards, Cricut design pins. Listen to your favorite songs from Mafia & Fluxy Presents: 90's Reggae Dancehall, Vol. 1 [Explicit] by Various artists Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now.

Label: Membran International GmbH - • Series: The Encyclopedia Of Jazz - Part 3 • Format: x, CD Compilation, Mono • Country: Germany • Genre: Jazz •Missing: Sandra Melody.

Listen to Serious, a song by Dirtsman on TIDAL. May 31,  · "A Question of Time" functions as the obligatory hectic dance tune, "Stripped" sucks you into an exotic chasm, and you'll even be treated with a slight diversion from the predominantly black mood of the rest of the album with the track "Here is the House," which is a lovely, upbeat song that has a very catchy melody and an almost happy /5().

7" Single on 45cat: Freddie McGregor - A Dat Wi Want / Version - Joe Frasier - USA - JFS Missing: Sandra Melody.


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  7. Jul 11,  · The days of vinyl albums being in print and manufactured for years after release date are long gone. But you have to laugh at the description of the “Indies exclusive” (i.e. everyone except Amazon and Sainsbury’s) colour vinyl variant always being promoted as “limited” but the standard black vinyl never is, despite it also being Missing: Sandra Melody.
  8. Listen to Mafia & Fluxy Presents: 90's Reggae Dancehall, Vol. 1 by Various Artists on Deezer. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends.