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Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Songs of Promise, Vol. 1 - Yahs Salvation Army on AllMusic. Check out The Promise by Grace Larson on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on liehageludedownfumetheamegilern.coinfo Audio CD $ Buy MP3 Album $ Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace. To enjoy Prime Music, go to Your Music Library and transfer your account to liehageludedownfumetheamegilern.coinfo (US)/5(26). Canaan Records was a Southern Gospel label, mainly active from the mid 's through 's and based in Waco, Texas. Canaan Records was established in by Word, Inc. executive Marvin Norcross as the Southern Gospel subsidiary for Word, liehageludedownfumetheamegilern.coinfo the rest of the s and s, the names Canaan Records and Marvin Norcross were synonymous. An LP titled Wonderful Time Up .

I think Peter is referring to it in 1 Peter l. Verse 18, says: "You were redeemed not with corruptible things like silver and gold from your former vain, empty manner of life, received by tradition from your fathers, but you were redeemed with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot, who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world but was manifest in these last times for you, who by Him do believe in God who raised Him up from the dead and gave Him glory, that your faith and hope might be in God.

Jesus prayed in John 17, verse 22, that marvelous prayer. He simply said this, "The glory which Thou gavest Me I have Album) them. But we have the hope of glory, folks, the hope of ultimate glorification. So, our rejoicing in future glory is not based on our own worthiness, it is not based upon our ability to stay saved, it is based upon the promise and the power of God. That was the most life-changing discovery I ever made in all my Christian pilgrimage, when I discovered the reality of the meaning of the glory of God.

And if you But, let me see if I can give you some sense of what it means in this text. And I can't cover the whole thing. It has marvelously unique facets of meaning. But for here and now what he is really talking about is the glory of God basically, now mark it, is the expression of God's person. The glory is God's intrinsic revelation of Himself.

God has revealed His glory; that is the expression of His person. And what it's saying in this verse is that someday God in the fullest, truest, purest, unmitigated way is going to reflect His eternal character through us.

That's really what it's saying. In Romans 8, I think Paul is dealing with this. Now that can't happen now. We wait for that. Verse 19, Romans 8: "The earnest expectation of the creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God. We can't do that now. We have this treasure, says Paul to the Corinthians, in earthen vessels, right now. There's limitation there. And so we're waiting and we're waiting, and we're groaning and we're moaning and the whole creation is waiting, verse 23 says, for the adoption and the redemption of the body, for we are saved in hope.

And what is our hope? That we're going to lose our humanness, we're going to lose the incapacitation of the flesh, we're going to lose the body, the earthiness, and we're going to become clear, crystal, eternally And the point being, if He called you and if He justified you, He'll glorify you.

That is our hope. The consummation of our redemption, the ultimate fulfillment of our salvation is connected with the manifestation of the glory of God in and through us.

You know, when you read about heaven you read about the fact that there's no lamp in heaven, you know. And there's no light there because the Lord is the lamp of it, the Lord is the light, and as you read about heaven you find out that everything is transparent in heaven. The streets of gold are transparent.

The layers and foundations and so forth are made out of jewels through which the very glory of God will radiate. I mean, heaven must be like some utterly incomprehensible flashing crown of jewels with the glistening of the glory of God from the inside radiating out of every refracted element of it.

And you and I are going to be little different than that. We're going to be caught up in that whole, incredible display of glory and become reflectors eternally of the full majesty and glory of the infinite God Himself. And you know? It's hard to do that in these deals, isn't it? It's impossible, and that's why we groan waiting for the redemption of the body. Because our bodies get in the way of that reflection, don't they? Of the glory of God. And whenever you read in the Scripture about Jesus coming, He's always coming in power and great what?

Glory, that blazing glory that will be radiated through us. And my own personal feeling, as you remember, when He went up on the mount of transfiguration and pulled back His flesh and revealed the fullness of the glory of God and they were literally shaken to the very core with the profound wonder of what they saw and He showed them His glory, it says, I think that that is the essential reality of the glorified Christ and we're going to be like that.

And this becomes a marvelous theme throughout Scripture. Second Corinthians chapter 3 and verse 18, a verse that I write underneath my name when I sign it, a book or something, "We all with an unveiled face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image from one level of glory to the next.

You see, as we gaze on the glory of the Lord even now we are being changed, and the illustration, of course, was Moses. He went up into the mountain. God was there. He revealed Himself to Moses. And when Moses saw the glory of God, you know what happened? He got glory all over his face. He came down the mountain and he didn't know, it says, that his face shone, it was like a light bulb. And the people were ahhhhh, you know. And it says he veiled his face because the glory would fade, and he didn't want the people to see the glory fade.

You see, in these bodies, in these human instruments, the glory fades very fast. Even when seeing the revelation of the afterglow of God on the mount, it didn't last in Moses' case. But there will come a time when we will be lifted from one level of glory to another level of glory, to another level and finally that ultimate level of glory when we become, in the image of Jesus Christ, able to manifest the full blazing glory of God Himself. In Philippians chapter 3, verse 20, "Our citizenship is in heaven from which also we look for the Savior.

Now, listen, "who shall change our lowly body. He's going to make it fashioned like His glorious body. We're going to be like Christ. We're going to radiate the divine glory of God; just marvelous to think of.

How about Colossians ? It says: "When Christ who is our life shall appear then shall ye also appear with Him What are the next two words? I mean, we're just not going to be what we are. We're going to be reflectors of the glory, we're going to be like Jesus Christ transfigured. Oh, what a marvelous incomprehensible reality. Hebrews will sum up our little, quick trip through the glory road for the believer.

Hebrews says, Jesus came; He was crowned with glory and honor, and by the grace of God He tasted death for every man. He died for everyone. What was the purpose in saving you? What was it?

To bring you to what? It is ludicrous to assume that God saves people and then crosses His finger and hopes they'll get to glory. You, if you were initiated, were initiated to be completed. You were redeemed to be glorified. You understand that? You say, I've read Romans 5 a lot, I never saw that there.

I'm glad you see it now. You see, that's the joy of Bible study. You can just skip over the words and it doesn't mean much.

But in the digger The reason I am secure is because God has given me the hope that is built into my salvation that I was saved unto glory. And that He doesn't lose the people He redeems to glory. So, the hope of the glory of God is a confident assurance that in the future we will partake of the divine glory; that He is in the business of being a salvation captain who through His suffering is bringing many sons to glory.

Oh, what a great, great reality! How secured we are in that anticipation! One other: I just keep thinking of verses on this subject cause I've studied it for so many years and my mind is filled with them.

But Romans always strikes me as a marvelous verse. You say, well, you have to Album) your way to get to glory, folks. You've got to keep yourself saved. No, no. No, verse 23 of Romans 9 says: "That He might make known the riches of His glory.

Now who's He going to show it to? Watch this. Before anything, just before, before anything. Those of us who get to glory here are called vessels of what?

Now what does mercy assume about us? That we deserve it? That we don't deserve it? The point is those who are ordained to glory are ordained to glory through mercy, not through deserving it. You see that?

So, we're prepared to glory. Before the world began I was prepared to glory. And any other thought misconstrues the reality of our redemption. And he says; "Even the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the ages unto our glory.

You're saved to be glorified. It's up there. We're just waiting to get rid of this thing so we can get there and enter into glory. And even when we have struggles in this world, 2 Corinthians says: "For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, works for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

The whole New Testament is just loaded with glory. I'm just sort of wandering around in here and I keep coming across them. Colossians l "Christ in you, What does it mean to have Promise - 902 (3) - Salvation (CD in you? Oh, what a marvelous security. How about I Thessalonians 2:l2? Oh, we might as well look at 1 Peter 5.

I just love this subject. First Peter 5:l, "The elders among you I exhort, who am also an elder, and a witness of the sufferings of Christ. Here's another definition of a Christian. Write this down in your definition-of-a-Christian book.

Here it is: "A partaker of the glory that shall be revealed. We're partakers of the glory that shall be revealed. Marvelous, partakers of the glory that shall be revealed.

So, that's our hope and that is a secure hope; never will it waver. Now, I want to add a footnote, Hebrews We've seen it from God's side. I want you to see it from our side. You say, well that's great, man, I'm just going to go do what I want, and I'll get glorified in the end.

There's a word for you. It's in Hebrews You say, do we have anything to do with it? We prove ourselves to belong to God genuinely if we hold fast our confidence and the rejoicing of that hope firm to the end. Somebody who just wanders off into sin and just wanders off and says, well, I guess I'm going to be glorified in the end, I'll live any way I want, you just proved that you never were in to begin with.

Yes, God secures us, but from our side we are truly the household of God if we hold fast the confidence and keep the rejoicing firm to the end. So that, listen, not only does God secure His own sovereignly, but He implants within His own the power of the Spirit of God that keeps alive the hope and the rejoicing and the obedience. God will keep His promise for those who are genuine.

Verse 14 says the same thing. You understand the difference? You prove yourself. From the divine viewpoint, God holds onto His own, but from the human point He gives them the power to hold that confidence firm, to hold that hope firm, to rejoice in that hope. So we're secure. We're secure if we're the real Christians.

We're secure if we're the ones who hang on to our hope and rejoice in our hope. Our hope is secure in the work of Christ in the power of God and it is proven to be secure when we walk in obedience to His holy will.

Now, with that in mind go back to Romans 5 and watch this next verse, most thrilling, verse 3 and 4, "And not only so. What do you mean by that, Paul? Not only do we rejoice in hope of the glory of God, but watch this, "We also. It's the word exult again. It's the word for exultant jubilation, for rejoicing and boasting. What is this saying?

This is so terrific. I mean, I get it all I can feel it all in me. I just want to say the words to get it out. The believer not only rejoices in the glory to come but he even rejoices in the tribulation now, because the tribulation now produces the kind of character that has a greater capacity to rejoice about the future.

So Paul says we rejoice even in our tribulation. Because we know no matter what comes, no matter how severe it is, no matter how devastating it is, it can never take away our promised glory. It can never steal our hope. Therefore it can never touch our joy. And so when the tribulation comes we don't curse God, like the rest of the world, we don't question God, like other people do, we rejoice in our tribulation because we see in the tribulation a product.

By the way, the word tribulation is thlipsis. When we get in the real pressure, when we really have the stuff applied to us, what oozes out of us is the oil of rejoicing, the wine of rejoicing. Because tribulation works patience.

You go through trouble, you learn to endure. You go through trouble, you learn more to endure. The more trouble, the more you learn to endure. And what happens? Endurance produces, and the word is experience. You see that word in your Bible? Let me tell you what that means. Dokimion is the noun. Like you test gold to get the impurities out, you test silver to make sure it's pure, you test somebody.

And what it's saying, and this is so beautiful, is when you have trouble it produces endurance. And when you go through trouble and you learn endurance it builds, here's the reason, here's the way to translate that word, proven character, proven character, proven character. The term is used, by the way, of metal.

It would be much like we use the term sterling, sterling silver, or when we say about someone's character, they're a sterling character. We mean there's no flaws, there's no impurities. You see, the pressure takes all that out of us. Because we learn to trust God in the trials, we learn to trust God in the stress, we learn to trust God in the pain.

And tribulation is not a problem for us. For one thing it's an honor to suffer for Christ, isn't it? For another thing it is a joy to learn to experience His sustaining power in the middle of suffering. It increases our faith. It purges us. It sanctifies us. It washes us. It strengthens us.

It's like spiritual weight lifting. It builds our muscles. And so, we look at tribulation and we rejoice in that also. We're not just saying, hey, pie in the sky, by and by, folks, we're just hanging on for dear life till we can get to the glory land.

We're not moaning and groaning here with all Album) the struggle and hoping for that heaven; we're even rejoicing right here because the process of trouble is building proven character, purging out the flaws, purging out the dross. James talks about this, doesn't he? It's part of the purifying. Now listen, that's Jamesthe reason we enjoy the suffering, the reason we're patiently enduring it, is because it's building proven character and sterling character, and more flawless character.

And the stronger we grow spiritually, the richer our hope becomes, the greater our rejoicing. Because the greater the reward that awaits us there, the greater the joy to receive it and cast it at the feet of Jesus Christ. Great truth. Listen, salvation doesn't refine your character. You take a bitter, angry, cantankerous person and get him saved and you've got a bitter, angry, cantankerous Christian. That's a transaction that occurs on a divine level.

But what salvation does do is plant in you the capacity to be perfected. And then the purging process begins and the Lord uses trials and tribulations and all of that, and when they come into your life you rejoice. Because they're making you sterling, they're improving your character. So, come what may, folks, you can hit me with all the guns you want, you can fire all the darts you want, Satan, you can come at me with all the troubles you want, the Lord can bring those things into my life and even the worse attacks that come, the severe tribulations of life, do nothing but strengthen me because they develop my spiritual character.

And the greater my spiritual character the greater my hope, and the greater my rejoicing for what God has for me in the future. So, we are secure. We're secured by peace. We're secured by grace. We're secured by hope, forever. Verse 5, and we'll stop at this point. And here's the wrap-up on hope. You don't have to be ashamed of God. And you say, ah, I put all my faith in that God, I put all my faith in that Jesus Christ and He deceived me, He never came through, and I lost everything and what a deceiver, I'm ashamed that I ever mentioned that name.

No, you'll never come to that point. Hope is not going to be ashamed, not when it's put in Jesus Christ. Hope is never disappointed. It will never be ashamed. It will never be disappointed.

Because we are at peace with God through Christ's death on the cross, because we stand in grace, we have a promised future glory. And I don't blush to say that's my hope. I'm not ashamed to say to anybody on the face of the earth, I'm going to be in glory with Jesus Christ some day, radiating the eternal glory of God throughout the eternal Jerusalem. That's my destiny. That's where I'm going, and I'm not going to be ashamed, because hope in God, hope in the Lord Jesus Christ is never disappointing.

Now what does that say? You put your hope in Him, you will never be disappointed. When you came to Jesus Christ and you embraced Him and you said, my hope is in You, Lord, that You're going to keep me till I'm glorified, you will never be disappointed. Now, do you get the feeling you're secure? I hope. I hope it's more than feeling. The return of Christ will instantly usher in the fullness of our glorification. John then adds these words: "And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure" v.

This is the test of a healthy eschatology: Is your hope a sanctifying influence on your soul? Are you looking beyond the commotion of this world with the realization that you could soon meet Christ face to face, and are you preparing your heart and soul for that? Are you eager and watchful? Are you filled with joyful hope and expectation?

That is the attitude to which Scripture calls us. The Second Coming is not supposed to make you stop what you're doing to wait for the Lord's return.

And neither should it motivate you to focus all your attention on the events and political developments of this world. Instead, it should prompt you to holiness as you direct your heart toward Christ, whose coming every believer anticipates with joy.

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The Future of Israel Demands It In Paul's day Gentiles were coming into the church in greater numbers than Jewish converts, and in Romans 11, Paul reminded them, "You, being a wild olive tree, were grafted in among them and became a partaker with them of the rich root of the olive tree" v. The Vindication of Christ Demands It It is inconceivable that the last public view the world would have of Jesus Christ would be that of a bleeding, dying, crucified criminal, covered with blood, spit, and flies, hanging naked in the Jerusalem twilight.

The Destruction of Satan Demands It Satan, though an already-defeated foe as far as Christians are concerned, still exercises a kind of dominion over this world John ; ; ; 2 Corinthians ; Ephesians ; ; 1 John The Hope of the Saints Demands It Only Christ's glorious, triumphant return can fulfill the hope of the saints—every true believer longs for that day.

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View Download Album. Add To Cart Add To Cart. The Promise (Studio Track) [Music Download] The Promise (Studio Track) [Music Download] By: The Martins The Promise, Accompaniment CD. The Martins. The Martins. Daywind Music Group / Compact disc. $ Retail: $ Save 11% ($) 5 Stars Out Of 5 6 Reviews. DOWNLOAD. Add To Cart Add To 5/5(3). A promise of a better tomorrow, an ode to hope, which I guess is the meaning behind the album title. When the vocals are doubled after the first verse, it doesn’t make the song seem less personal, which is quite an achievement. After this track, the album takes a different direction, dwelling in the heavy metal side, and sometimes even hard rock. GSR Music An de Beek 32 - 1 OG Niederkrüchten, Nordrhein-Westfalen GERMANY Phone +49 (0)21a division of SC 5Dogs Hammertime SRL.

View Download Album. Add To Cart Add To Cart. The Promise (Studio Track) [Music Download] The Promise (Studio Track) [Music Download] By: The Martins The Promise, Accompaniment CD. The Martins. The Martins. Daywind Music Group / Compact disc. $ Retail: $ Save 11% ($) 5 Stars Out Of 5 6 Reviews. DOWNLOAD. Add To Cart Add To 5/5(3).

JACKOPIERCE toured the world in 44 states, 10 countries, and on 3 continents. They recorded 6 records (2 for A&M). To the dismay of many fans, after ten years of . The Lord is my salvation. My hope is hidden in the Lord He flow’rs each promise of His Word When winter fades I know spring will come The Lord is my salvation. In times of waiting, times of need When I know loss, when I am weak I know His grace will renew these days The Lord is my salvation. CHORUS. And when I reach my final day.

There Is A Hope (Live Worship From Ireland) CD DVD Album / Loved Before The Dawn Of Time Salvation s Song Lyrics; 1 3 Loved Before The Dawn Of Time Salvation s Song Live Video; 1 5 There Is A Hope Live Video; 1 6 My Soul Finds Rest Psalm 62 Live Video; 1 7 From The Breaking Of The Dawn Every Promise Live Video; 1 8 My Soul Will Sing.

$ Damn Yankees Damn Yankees. out of 5 stars Audio CD. $ Promise Land by Frontiers Records () Giant. out of 5 stars Audio CD. $ Live In London aber wer es erstmal für sich entdeckt hat sollte es doch schwer haben das album im cd regal/5(). Sample this album Artist (Sample) 1. What Mercy Means. What Mercy Means. Listen Now $ 2. out of 5 stars The Promise is on this CD. Reviewed in the United States on July 15, Verified Purchase. $ Dream Big Martins. out of 5 stars Audio CD /5(19).

Download M4A files - similar to MP3 files. M4A files provide higher quality music than MP3 files. No shipping charges Compatible with iTunes (free for PC), iPads, iPhones, iPods, and Quicktime playerMissing: Promise.


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  1. A promise of a better tomorrow, an ode to hope, which I guess is the meaning behind the album title. When the vocals are doubled after the first verse, it doesn’t make the song seem less personal, which is quite an achievement. After this track, the album takes a different direction, dwelling in the heavy metal side, and sometimes even hard rock.
  2. Laho by Kval, released 1. Valosula 2. Laho 3. Pohjanriitti 4. Kaihon Kuiskaus Two summers ago, Finnish Black Metal project Kval released their debut self-titled album, an album which was originally released under the moniker Khaossos in Kval has spent the past few months writing and refining the tracks for their follow-up release, entitled Laho, the first album to be written Missing: Promise.
  3. The Promise of God Demands It. The Old Testament is full of Messianic promise—that promised is its main focus. From beginning (Genesis ) to end (Malachi ), the entire Old Testament is filled with prophecies of the coming Deliverer—at least distinct promises, by one count.
  4. The Lord is my salvation. My hope is hidden in the Lord He flow’rs each promise of His Word When winter fades I know spring will come The Lord is my salvation. In times of waiting, times of need When I know loss, when I am weak I know His grace will renew these days The Lord is my salvation. CHORUS. And when I reach my final day.
  5. Sample this album Artist (Sample) 1. What Mercy Means. What Mercy Means. Listen Now $ 2. out of 5 stars The Promise is on this CD. Reviewed in the United States on July 15, Verified Purchase. $ Dream Big Martins. out of 5 stars Audio CD /5(19).
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