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Feel So Good - Various - Everybodys All-American (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

by Akisida

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Everybody's All-American (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on Discogs. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Feel Good Songs [Virgin] - Various Artists on AllMusic - 8 Shirley & Lee - Feel So Good Everybody's All-American [p] Motion Picture Soundtrack. 1 Issue. Everybody's All-American [p] Motion Picture Soundtrack. CD Capitol / CDP 7 2 Add issue. Reviews There are no reviews for this issue. .

You sing whatever you want to sing, dart in on me if you want to. You sing under me, all over me, sing around me! They used to send clothes up, boxes of clothes from the welfare or just for poor people; there was a pair of red high-heeled shoes. I thought they looked little, and I wanted those shoes so bad! So when I started to write, I just kind of took that based on Aunt Lucy, and made it my own.

You feel that. I wanted to have fancy clothes, and make up. I wanted to be pretty. I was Backwoods Barbie! I want to touch people. My way has always been to address things naturally and honestly, and let it be part of my personality.

Just be it. But it also captures real life and real family dynamics. It really inspired me, that one particular emotion of just trying to use your own control to control another person.

And it never works! In many ways, Parton is the universal woman. She understands and nurtures, but she also breaks ground, seeks to press the limits of her own insurmountable talent. And all of it makes perfect sense. She is a complete… the word is unique, and I love that in a person. But not just the first take, the first take with no punches, no auto-tune, just one complete performance all the way through.

Completely different people. Parton shines as she says this. I am everybody, all the time. Everybody is who they are, and they should be allowed to be that! Listen to what you feel.

Exceptional from start to finish. Fantastic Four is a reinvention of Marvel's first and longest-running super hero team. To quote directly from the press release, the film " Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to Feel So Good - Various - Everybodys All-American (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Cassette) their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.

Jordan, Jamie Belland Toby Kebbell. The music for the movie was created by two of the best: Marco Beltrami and Philip Glass. Neither need any introduction. It's truly amazing how well both of these artists' music fits together here. This album presents twenty-five meticulously orchestrated tracks.

Some are moody, some mysterious, some suspenseful, and some slightly abstract and peculiar. This is the kind stuff that'll sound great in the theater The attention to detail here is amazing. Five Fingertips - Five Fingertips CD, Guildwater GroupIndependent pop rock with a dash of syncopation, a hint of prosody, a touch of dissonance, and a spoonful [ milligrams to be imprecise] of humility Exceptionally creative and unusual underground pop from the mysterious man who calls himself Five Fingertips.

This album is a good example of what motivates us to write about music. Because, after all, if we weren't writers we probably would never have discovered this ultra cool obscure gem. Fortunately for you, you don't have to be a writer. All you have to do is read what we write and listen to everything we tell you to hahaha. This music easily fits in the category of independent pop rock with a dash of syncopation, a hint of prosody, a touch of dissonance, and a spoonful milligrams to be imprecise of humility.

Fingertips resides in Athens, Georgia but his music doesn't sound like anything we're heard from the state of Georgia. The instruments and overall sound here are very familiar. But it's the way the pieces are put together that is extremely unusual If you want to absorb some really creative wild writing, check out this guy's web site link above.

He's way, way, WAY smarter than the average musician in every way. The album ends with the last track eventually dissolving into a long wash of pure noise Five Fingertips is easily one of the best new artists we have heard in Holly Golightly - Slowtown Now! She released her debut album The Good Things in Since that time she has recorded and released an amazing amount of material Slowtown Now! Or, to be more precise, this is another totally groovy album from this super talented lady.

Released on Great Britain's Damaged Goods label, this album has a really nifty overall sound and vibe. Joining Holly on these tracks are Matt Radford on double bass, Ed Deegan on rhythm and lead guitars, Bruce Brand on drums, and Bradley Burgess on lead and rhythm guitars.

The central focus of these tunes are Golightly's relaxed, breezy vocals, Feel So Good - Various - Everybodys All-American (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Cassette). This lady has a voice that absolutely pulls listeners in.

What we admire most is how effortless she sounds. It's no wonder she has so many devoted fans. Golightly always pleases with each and every release. Top pick. Fortunately, this self-titled album is none of the above. The two guys who call themselves HUGElarge have come up with a dazzling collection of cover tracks that doesn't sound like the rest. The band is the duo of Robert Malta and Matt Norellitwo guys who are no strangers to the world of music both played in numerous underground bands before recording this album.

What makes these cuts sound so appealing is the fact that they are presented so simply with no filler added. So instead of sounding like rehashed trash, these cuts end up sounding inspired. And the overall feeling you get hearing them is that these guys had a great deal of fun during the recording process.

There's a lot to sink your teeth into Rex covers we've ever heard That may seem absurd and silly to some, but being inside the huge costume of a character that means so much to so many is a very serious and real responsibility.

Spinney is now 80 years old but has no plans to give up "the bird. And it inspired and influenced thousands upon thousands of other artists and television shows. This documentary begins with Big Bird in the early days working with Jim Henson right on through to the present. From what we've read, apparently Spinney is an extremely likable man The pensive, beautiful soundtrack was composed by Joshua Johnson.

Even without seeing the movie we are more than moved by this music. These tracks are extremely well-crafted, displaying emotions and feelings through the pure use of sound. We love the sound of these tracks. And we have a feeling that we're going to fall in love with this documentary.

Here he steps from behind the drum kit, displaying his skills on a variety of instruments as well as his knack for writing nice flowing pop tunes. Folks into underground pop will find a lot to appreciate here.

Nick's lyrics are smart and insightful and he's quite the master at coming up with cool arrangements. Despite the fact that they released only a small handful of albums, the band remained vital from the s right on through to the s It's been a long time since the days when The Feelies were the coolest of the cool in the underground rock scene. But, thankfully, Glenn Mercer continues to please his fans with ultimately nifty releases like Incidental Hum.

This is his second full-length solo release and the first that is all instrumental. Many of these tracks have an Eno -esque sound, around the time of Another Green World. We love the sound quality of these recordings. They have that simple stripped down sound that we normally associate with home recordings from the mid- to lates We've always loved the sound of Glenn's guitar Housed in an ultra-snappy cardboard foldout sleeve. Thanks for continuing to entertain us, Mr.

Dan Miraldi is one of those underground folks out there who has true star quality. The album quickly became one of our favorite and most played discs of the year. Since that album came out, Dan has released a couple of EPs.

This one spins like a collection of oughta-be hits. With the right luck and timing, this guy could find himself played to huge crowds. He has a personality and presence that come through loud and clear in these tunes. Highly recommended. This is your mound. This is rugs. This is your mound on Rugs. Holmes tells the story of an older Sherlock Holmes who, upon looking back on life, becomes involved in an unsolved case about a beautiful woman.

The film stars Ian McKellen and is definitely a different kind of Sherlock Holmes movie and, rather appropriately, it also features a very different kind of soundtrack. Carter Burwell composed some impeccable, beautiful tracks for this film that are subtle, thoughtful, and probably provide the perfect backdrop for this introspective film. Whereas most modern soundtracks are full of loud overpowering tracks, the soundtrack to Mr. Holmes presents very subtle, reflective, beautiful instrumentals that will appeal to a wide range of music fans.

We love the super sparse sound of many of these compositions. Burwell is a man who obviously realizes the value of restraint. Impeccable tracks here include "Mr. This album is connected with two of our favorite things: the Silber label and the city of Savannah, Georgia. Not surprisingly This album lives up to expectations. On these nine tracks Philip Polk Palmer effectively combines the trademark sound of the Silber label with the totally groovy vibes of the city of Savannah.

If you've never been to Savannah Feel So Good - Various - Everybodys All-American (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Cassette) owe it to yourself to visit this most remarkable city. But if you can't make the physical trip, Here In The Deadlights will provide the perfect mental trip. These songs manage to convey the sights and sounds we associate with all those great old buildings, swaying live oak trees, fantastic old cemeteries, and drooping Spanish moss that sways in the breeze.

Recorded by Brian John Mitchell except for the track "Apparition" which was recorded by Andy Bakerthis is easily one of the best releases we've heard on the Silber label. Now he's back with an album that's just as good or better. This band is the project created by Canada's Tim Crabtree. Tim writes intelligent pop songs that don't sound like other artists currently on the horizon. The songs merge sounds and ideas from progressive rock with the overall vibe of modern pop Imagine combing the sound of Sufjan Stevens with early Peter Gabriel Although at times Crabtree's music gets a lot louder than these comparisons might suggest.

It's hard to guess what kind of commercial appeal this album will Feel So Good - Various - Everybodys All-American (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Cassette). But our guess is that it will be an instant success among critics and fans of underground music. Recorded by the band in their home studios, Taker is one aggressive rip-roaring slice of modern guitar rock fueled by fierce intensity and true mental focus. So many bands play it safe in the twenty-first century.

Guess that's why the ones that don't are such obvious standouts. If you despise the world of twenty-first century commercial music, give Taker a spin. It just might make a believer out of you all over again. The basic idea is that aliens pick up video feeds of classic video games from Earth and take them to be declarations of war.

They then attack the planet in the form of video game characters. The film is getting mixed reviews, which is what we would expect with a theme this peculiar.

One might expect the music here to be driven by the zany canned sound of classic video games. Instead of taking the obvious approach, Jackman chooses instead to use a huge state-of-the-art orchestral sound that will no doubt add extra suspense and excitement when watching this film. Plenty of cool creative sounds here as Jackman presents twenty-one immediately gripping cuts. If you want to blow your mind, check out the list of vocalists and musicians on the last page of the booklet.

Although we didn't count them, it looks like there were well over one hundred! After hearing this, we're totally Feel So Good - Various - Everybodys All-American (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Cassette) about seeing this movie. Sounds like a true blast from the past. The four folks in Pop4 will make a believer out of you all over again.

This band is an underground supergroup made up of four musicians with enough talent and charm to change the universe. Summer is about as good as pop gets.

These four individuals have recorded an album that is warm, friendly, charming, smart, memorable, and completely grooooovy. These songs remind us of a whole slew of our favorites We've been in love with Andrea Perry's music for a very long time search for our previous reviews This lady is absolutely one of the best kept secrets in the world of music.

We have to admit that when this package arrived we were drooling all over ourselves thinking it was a new solo album. But even though it wasn't, we're as pleased as peaches with this album. Summer is a precise and pure slice of perfect modern pop. The harmonies are mind boggling Not much more to say here except Aw, heck You've got to hear this album.

It cures AIDS, cancer, out, erectile dysfunction, and bad breath. If you buy enough copies of it, you will get into heaven no matter what you've done. If a cop pulls you over while you're listening to this music, they will have to legally let you go no questions asked. Not only an extremely funny man But the truth is that he's not just funny and generous This is a concept album of sorts that tells the story of a band of rock gods lost in the future. The album presents twelve cool rockin' tracks and as an added bonus, the package includes a really cool comic book that tells the story of The Overlords.

Rarely have we heard anyone merge Southern rock with psychedelia and make it work. This super clever rockin' album features truly knockout cuts like "Weightlessness," "King Kong," "Rising," "Brainscan," and "Checking Out. If you liked the hard rockin' sounds of the s when there were tons of cool loud underground guitar bands roaming around the United States, you're likely to get a charge out of The Enemy of Everyone.

From the sound of these tracks, we'd guess these three guys had a helluva time during these recording sessions. The tracks on this album have a solid ballsy sound that is sadly missing in many twenty-first century rock bands. And the artwork is great. This album is being simultaneously released on CD and vinyl LP. These folks are quick to admit that their music is inspired by guitar bands from the late s and early s. So if you're like us and loved that period Totally unlike all the processed-to-death muck that infects our planet in the twenty first century, these tracks have that cool thick sound of Feel So Good - Various - Everybodys All-American (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Cassette) real band playing real instruments.

These are not throwaway pop songs. These three musicians create grooves and atmospheres with their music that are very warm, inviting, and genuine. This is one of those rare cases where the band is doing virtually everything right. We're pleased as punch to report that the band's newest album just might be their best ever.

These four Irish guys have a sound that is remarkably similar to some of the great British and American guitar bands from the s and s. Although these fellows don't need name dropping to get folks' attention these tracks will certainly do thatit's interesting to note that that folks contributing to these tracks include Ray Davies, Andy Partridge, Neil Hannonand Jeff Lynne!!!

These guys create a warm friendly vibe with their songs that is impossible to dislike. And the best part is that Looking into the future, you can be certain that these tracks will still sound great decades from now. Hats off to the fine folks at Omnivore Recordings for releasing this one on their ultra cool label. Perhaps that's why, at least up until now, we were never introduced to the music created by the Nashville, Tennessee-based band Raging Fire. In the mid- to lates this band captured the attention of lots of folks with their loud energized sound.

Although they seemed as if they were on the verge of huge success, the group unfortunately disbanded before they hit it big. So perhaps this career-spanning compilation will reignite the flame that was originally set decades ago. These recordings have held up really well over time.

Produced by Raul Malo lead vocalist for The MavericksHeartbreaker of the Year spins like a collection of hits that you've never heard before. Rose has a voice that could easily appeal to millions of music fans. And you can tell by the tone of her voice that she truly loves singing. Producer Malo isn't the only Mavericks connection Superb sound quality here and excellent arrangements from start to finish.

This is what commercial music should sound like

Mar 04,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) - Rare Version - Remix (UNIQUE) YouTube everybody's free to wear sunscreen - Baz Luhrmann - . Nov 19,  · Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Everybody Feel It · Hit Feeling Productions Scary Movie 5 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) ℗ Lakeshore Records Released on: Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) Lyrics: Everybody's free to feel good / Everybody's free to feel good / Everybody's free / Brother and sister together we'll make it through / Some day a spirit.

Print and download Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) sheet music by Rozalla. Sheet music arranged for Piano/Vocal/Guitar, and Singer Pro in C Major. SKU: MN

Jun 30,  · The covers of “Feeling Good” may be even more wide-ranging than the ones of “Hallelujah” and bear very little resemblance to the original song. Let’s take a look at the original, along with 5 covers of “Feeling Good.” The Roar of the Greasepaint Version, "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)" is a song by Zambian-born Zimbabwean singer Rozalla. It was released in September as the second single from her album, Everybody's liehageludedownfumetheamegilern.coinfo song peaked at number-one on the Hot Dance Club Play chart in the US. In Europe, "Everybody's Free" reached number 2 in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.

Paterson soundtrack full music list with detailed info, questions and reviews. Paterson songs tracklist, listen to audio used in movie or tv show or help visitors.

Oct 30,  · Song Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) Artist Rozalla; Album Greatest; Licensed to YouTube by Believe Music (on behalf of Crimson); BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, CMRRA, LatinAutor, Peermusic, LatinAutor - PeerMusic, LatinAutor - SonyATV, Sony ATV Publishing, and 13 Music Rights Societies. Listen to Feel Good Movie Soundtracks by The Complete Movie Soundtrack Collection on Deezer. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends.

Browse the top feel good albums to find new music and discover artists. Scrobble songs to get recommendations on tracks you might like. Where the Wild Things Are Motion Picture Soundtrack: Original Songs by Karen O and The Kids. Karen O and the Kids. 94, listeners Buy. Mumford & Sons take over Not So Silent Night


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  1. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) [Single] - Rozalla on AllMusic -
  2. "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)" is a song by Zambian-born Zimbabwean singer Rozalla. It was released in September as the second single from her album, Everybody's liehageludedownfumetheamegilern.coinfo song peaked at number-one on the Hot Dance Club Play chart in the US. In Europe, "Everybody's Free" reached number 2 in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.
  3. Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) Lyrics: (Everybody's free, Everybody's free, Everybody's free. / Everybody's free, Everybody's free, to feel good / To feel good) / Brother and sister / Together.
  4. The soundtrack will arrive the same day as the film, which will be available on at home on demand. Produced by GRAMMY® Award-winner Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins [Michael Jackson, Beyoncé], the song Original Motion Picture Soundtrack features new .
  5. *Top Picks = Additional Items Received. Nicholas Altobelli - Searching Through That Minor Key (CD, Dalton, Pop) Highly melodic well-written mid-tempo pop from Nicholas liehageludedownfumetheamegilern.coinfo guy has an incredible knack for coming up with superb songs that remind us of a variety of classic pop artists including (but not limited to) Paul Simon, Jeff Lynne, and Sufjan Stevens.
  6. Feel So Good. by Mase. Harlem World Bad Boy Producers: Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie, Puff Daddy. Main genre: Hip-Hop / Rap / R&B. Tags: US Rap #1 Hit, US #5 Hit. Contains samples of 2 songs. Multiple Elements Soul / Funk / Disco. Hollywood Swinging by Kool & the Gang ().
  7. Oct 30,  · Song Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) Artist Rozalla; Album Greatest; Licensed to YouTube by Believe Music (on behalf of Crimson); BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, CMRRA, LatinAutor, Peermusic, LatinAutor - PeerMusic, LatinAutor - SonyATV, Sony ATV Publishing, and 13 Music Rights Societies.
  8. Nov 21,  · Directed by Josh Stolberg. With Brendan Robinson, Rock Anthony, Shanley Caswell, Katie Cockrell. After his best friend loses his virginity, socially inept and high strung Allan finds himself alone in high school and with no shot of getting laid anywhere in sight. But when hyper-extroverted Zack moves in across the street, he won't take no for an answer and drags Allan along for the ride of his.